Humanitarian and Human Rights Organizations

The Hauser Institute on Civil Society produces research and analysis on a variety of topics related to the management, governance, effectiveness and programmatic approaches of international NGOs, as well as trends that will influence the context in which international NGOs work.

NGO Leaders Forum: The Hauser Institute convenes the NGO Leaders Forum, a semi-annual retreat for chief executives of major U.S.-based international relief and development NGOs. These principals-only gatherings provide sheltered space for CEOs to build trust, explore frontier challenges and consider collective action on pressing issues.

Research: The Hauser Institute conducts research on topics related to the characteristics, approaches and effectiveness of international NGOs (INGOs), especially INGOs in the humanitarian and development sphere. Some of this research is conducted to inform discussions of the NGO Leaders Forum.

NGO Leaders Seminar Series: The Hauser Institute sponsors a seminar series that brings NGO leaders to Harvard to lead a seminar, and engage with faculty and students on issues of mutual interest. Over the past few years, the domain has hosted leaders of CARE, ChildFund International, Heifer International, InterAction, Mercy Corps, Save the Children and World Vision.

NGOs & Development Study Group: The Hauser Institute convenes a weekly study group that considers issues related to the evolving roles of NGOs and specific management and leadership challenges. Topics have included: dilemmas related to measuring NGO performance; the puzzle of NGO legitimacy; challenges of establishing and sustaining an NGO; and evolving NGO advocacy related to poverty and climate change.