Kansai Keizai Doyukai Program

The Kansai Keizai Doyukai is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization comprised of leading corporations in the Osaka region of Japan. It was formed in 1946 by business leaders who shared a common desire to contribute to the reconstruction of the Japanese economy. Its members share the belief that corporate managers should be key players in a broad range of political, economic, and social issues. One of the Doyukai’s missions is to examine critical issues that relate to Japan and the Asia-Pacific region. In 1999, the Doyukai signed a partnership agreement with CBG to provide funding for an annual one-day symposium in Cambridge, the placement of fellows, and research on topics of joint interest.

Recent Symposia


Keita Niiho is the 2015-2016 Doyukai Fellow in residence at M-RCBG. He comes to the center from Osaka Gas, a major energy supplier with a core natural gas supply business in Japan, where he is a researcher on international energy markets. Mr. Niiho is a graduate of Tokyo University with a BA in economics.

Previous Fellows

Members of the 2012 Doyukai Symposium.

Members of the 2012 Doyukai Symposium

Program Chair Prof. Roger Porter with Doyukai member Takeo Obayashi

Program Chair Prof. Roger Porter with Doyukai Senior Co-Chairperson Mr. Takeo Obayashi