Joseph Aldy


May 12, 2015
Hal Scott's Committee on Capital Markets Regulation releases quarterly financial penalties data 

April 14, 2015
Joseph Aldy discusses climate change and divestment

March 9, 2015
Robert N. Stavins on the UN climate change body looks inward

February 26, 2015
Mihaela Papa on the BRICS group in global regulation

February 18, 2015
Richard Lazarus on no safety net

February 9, 2015
Cass Sunstein on paying to slow climate change

January 29, 2015
RPP faculty listed among SSRN's most-cited law school professors

January 26, 2015
Guide to Courses on Regulation at Harvard University

January 14, 2015
Cass Sunstein on the dangers of group think

January 7, 2015
Robert Stavins' Harvard Project on Climate Agreements co-hosts two official side events at COP-20

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Please check back in August for the Fall 2015 seminar schedule

February 26, 2015
The BRICS Group in Global Regulation: Leadership, Influence, and Prospects
Mihaela Papa, Lecturer in Sustainable Development, Fletcher School, Tufts University; Overseas Member, Center for BRICS Studies, Fudan University
Bell Hall, 5th Floor, Belfer Building, HKS

March 25, 2015 -- Rescheduled to Fall 2015
An Excess of Access? Success and Failure in Regulating Australia's Natural Monopolies
Henry Ergas, Professor of Infrastructure Economics, University of Wollongong, and columnist, The Australian
Carr Conference Room, R-219, Rubenstein Building, HKS

Thursday, April 2
Online Small Business Loans: How Should They Be Regulated?
Karen Gordon Mills, M-RCBG Senior Fellow; Former Administrator, US Small Business Administration
Bell Hall, 5th Floor, Belfer Building, HKS

Thursday, April 9
Lessons from the Financial Crisis
Lewis B. Kaden, M-RCBG Senior Fellow; Former Vice Chairman, Citigroup Inc.
Bell Hall, 5th Floor, Belfer Building, HKS

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Assessing the Energy Efficiency Gap
Todd D. Gerarden, Richard G. Newell, and Robert N. Stavins

As Assessment of the Energy-Efficiency Gap and its Implications for Climate-Change Policy
Todd D. Gerarden, Richard G. Newell, Robert N. Stavins, and Robert C. Stowe

Leapfrogging or Stalling Out? Electric Vehicles in China
Sabrina Howell, Henry Lee, and Adam Heal

Facilitating Linkage of Heterogeneous Regional, National, and Sub-National Climate Policies through a Future International Agreement
Daniel M. Bodansky, Seth A. Hoedl, Gilbert E. Metcalf, and Robert N. Stavins

First Mover Advantages and Optimal Patent Protection
F. M. Scherer

Regulating Multinationals: The UN Guiding Principles, Civil Society, and International Legalization
John Gerard Ruggie

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