Sustainability Science Program

Alumni Fellows

Alumni Fellows

Ahmed Abdel Latif, Research Fellow, '12
Promoting agricultural innovation in developing countries: Lessons from Embrapa

Amrita Ahuja Post-doctoral Fellow, '13, '14
Distributing goods for sustainable development: Combining free provision with incentived delivery systems; Cost effective approaches to reducing the burden of wide-spread infectious diseases: Case studies in safe water provision and mass deworming

Angélica Almeyda Zambrano, Doctoral Fellow, '12
Road Infrastructure Development and Deforestation in Southwest Amazonia: A Tri-National Frontier Study

Krister Andersson, Research Fellow, '08
Motivation to engage in social learning about sustainability: An institutional analysis

Liliana B. Andonova, Research Fellow, '11
Governance Innovation for Sustainability: Analysis of UNEP and World Bank Public-Private Partnerships

Nigel Asquith, Research Fellow, '09, '14
Creating a conservation ethic: The effect of education, incentives and enforcement on the formation of social norms; Governing the commons through reciprocal watershed agreements: An alternative to payments for environmental services

Rahul Banerjee, Research Fellow, '14
The design of capacity for long-term power supply markets in India

Edmundo Barrios, Research Fellow, '09
Participatory development of land quality monitoring systems

Kamaljit Bawa, Visiting Scholar, '10
Sustainable livelihoods, small scale agriculture and conservation

Eben Broadbent, Doctoral Fellow, '12
Predictors of Leaf Trait Variation in Tree Species during Forest Succession in the Bolivian Amazon

Lucilla Bruni, Empedocle Maffia Fellow, '12

Michael Burns, Research Fellow, '08
Exploring sustainability science: A southern Africa perspective

Marcel Bursztyn, Research Fellow, '08
Environmental governance and environmental science: A contribution to the debate on and practice of sustainable development

Manfredi Caltagirone, Empedocle Maffia Fellow, '11

Fred Carden, Research Fellow, '08
Innovation, change and metrics: The challenge of measurement in a complex world

Eliana Carranza, Doctoral Fellow, '11
Economics of a lightbulb: Experimental evidence on CFLs and end-user behavior

Lorenzo Casaburi, Doctoral Fellow, '11
The Kenya small scale cash crop longitudinal study: Understanding the impact of environmental stress on agricultural dynamics in Sub-Saharan Africa

Delia Catacutan, Post-doctoral Fellow, '09
Linking knowledge with action: Typology and dynamics of boundary organizations in the context of compensation and rewards for environmental services in Asia and Africa

Filippo Cavassini, Empedocle Maffia Fellow, '10

Daniele Cesano, Research Fellow, '08
Sustainable biofuels, rural development and private sector engagement: What can be learned from Brazil?

Gabe Chan, Doctoral Fellow, '13
Evaluating technology licensing agreements for diffusion of U.S. National Lab invention

Xiaodong Chen, Post-doctoral Fellow, '11
Agent-based modeling of the effects of social norms on enrollment in payments for ecosystem services

Ashwini Chhatre, Post-doctoral Fellow, '07
Political articulation and accountability in decentralization: Theory and evidence from India

Jon Marco Church, Doctoral Fellow, '10
Exploring environmental regionalism and comparing the Alpine and Andean cases

Andreas Dahl-Jørgensen, Research Fellow, '12
Road Infrastructure Development and Deforestation in Southwest Amazonia: A Tri-National Frontier Study

Giovanna d'Adda, Doctoral Fellow, '09
Social norms for environmental protection; Multiple use water systems

Fabio Daneri, Empedocle Maffia Fellow, '09

Brian Dillon, Post-doctoral Fellow, '13
Crop residue management as a farmer decision problem; The link between land tenure security and agricultural investment: Theory and evidence from Zambia

Quy-Toan Do, Research Fellow, '09
Hand-washing behavioral changes and child health outcomes

Fabio Farinosi, Doctoral Fellow, '14
Extreme weather events in Sao Paulo: How changes in climate and land use in Brazil are impacting flood risk and the potential for risk mitigation

A. Nilesh Fernando, Doctoral Fellow, '14
Shackled to the soil: Inherited wealth and occupational persistence in rural India

Ram Fishman, Post-doctoral Research Fellow, '12
Novel Approaches for Increased Efficiency in Agricultural Water and Energy Use in India

Rachael Garrett, Post-doctoral Fellow, '14
Improving agricultural practices in Brazil for sustainable development: Enabling conditions for innovation through integration

Davide Geneletti, Research Fellow, '11
Integrating ecosystem services in land use planning: A study in The Araucanía, southern Chile

Matthew Gilbert, Post-doctoral Fellow, '12
Soybean drought tolerance and identification of traits allowing increased produtivity under conditions of limiting water supply

Juan Pablo Giraldo, Doctoral Fellow, '11
Linking phenology and ecosystem productivity: Physiological mechanisms and ecological processes

Tara Grillos, Doctoral Fellow, '13, '14
Participatory institutions: Power, preferences and paradigms; Participatory development and capacity for collective action

Christian Guadagni, Empedocle Maffia Fellow, '12

Patricia Guardabassi, Post-doctoral Fellow, '13
The implementation of biofuels markets in Africa: The case of sugarcane ethanol in Mozambique

Daniele Guidi, Research Fellow, '11
Sustainable agriculture enterprise: Framing strategies for scaling up small agro-enterprise based rural poverty alleviation

Lars Gulbrandsen, Doctoral Fellow, '07
Non-state global environmental governance: The emergence and effectiveness of forest and fisheries certification schemes

James Habyarimana, Research Fellow, '11
Connecting the urban poor: Evidence on the impact and management of piped water services from Uganda

Rema Hanna, Research Fellow, '09
The impacts of indoor air pollution: Evidence from an experiment in India

Guangyou Hao, Post-doctoral Fellow, '12
Physiology and Ecology of a Desert Shrub: Implications for Its Sustainable Use in Arid Regions of Northern China

Alicia Harley, Doctoral Fellow, '13, '14
Agriculture innovation systems and collective action; Agriculture innovation for small and marginal farmers: A regional study of Bihar, India

Adam Henry, Doctoral Fellow, '09
Tying it all together: Networks and policy-oriented learning in regional planning processes

Christina Ingersoll, Research Fellow, '13
Sustainable sourcing of global agricultural raw materials: The cocoa genome

Brooke Kelsey Jack, Doctoral Fellow, '10
Developing country markets in environment and health

Godstime James, Doctoral Fellow, '08
Socioeconomic valuation of mangrove ecosystem and policy implications in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria

Supreet Kaur, Doctoral Fellow, '11
Wage rigidity in agricultural labor markets

Santosh Kesavan, Research Fellow, '13, '14
Design and evaluation of a frequent rider program to promote sustainable transportation in India; Design and evaluation of a public-private partnership scheme to promote sustainable transportation in India

Pinar Keskin, Post-doctoral Fellow, '10
The gender of caste: Identify, political reservations and access to water resources in rural India

Avinash Kishore, Doctoral fellow, '09
The Energy-Irrigation Nexus in India: Study of Two New Initiatives

Gili Koniak, Doctoral Fellow, '06
Development and application of dynamic models for multiple-benefits management of a Mediterranean landscape

Carolyn Kousky, Doctoral Fellow, '08
Responding to risk: Information and decisionmaking in the floodplains of St. Louis County, MO

Daniele Lantagne, Research Fellow, '12
Overcoming barriers to scaling up water treatment in developing countries

Ann Laudati, Post-doctoral Fellow, '08
The encroaching forest: Struggles over land and resources on the boundary of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda

Eunjee Lee, Post-doctoral Fellow, '13, '14
Impacts of the hydrologic change on the sustainable development of the Amazon and its surrounding areas; Evaluating the Amazonian water cycle components using an ED and EDBRAMS modeling framework

Jessica Leino, Doctoral Fellow, '08
Gender and community management of water infrastructure in Kenya

Jianguo (Jack) Liu, Visiting Scholar, '08
Global household dynamics and implications for environmental sustainability

Zhu Liu, Post-doctoral Fellow, '14
A low-carbon pathway for China’s sustainable development

Angela Livino, Doctoral Fellow, '13
Analyzing the impacts of climate change on Amazon rivers and the implications for energy development

Rocco Macchiavello, Post-doctoral Fellow, '10
The effect of ethnic violence on an export- oriented industry: Evidence from Kenya flower exports

Yosef Manik, Post-doctoral Fellow, '14
Toward sustainable palm oil biodiesel: Advancing a sustainable pathway through understanding the complex dynamics of its supply chain

Kira Matus, Visiting Scholar, '13
Overcoming the challenges to the implementation of green chemistry

Raffaele Mauro, Empedocle Maffia Fellow, '14

Elizabeth McNie, Doctoral Fellow, '08
Linking knowledge with action in agroforestry research and policy in Indonesia: Lessons for sustainable development

Robyn Meeks, Doctoral Fellow, '12
Water Collection and Gender Roles: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Post-Soviet Central Asia

Francisco Fujita de Castro Mello, Doctoral Fellow, '12
Land Use Change in Sugar Cane Agrosystem to Ethanol Production in Brazil

Nazia Mintz-Habib, Post-doctoral Fellow, '12
The Political Economy of Smallholder Agriculture and Genetically Modified Food Crops: Perspectives on Bangladesh

Suerie Moon, Doctoral Fellow, '13, '14
Embedding neoliberalism: Global health and the evolution of the global intellectual property regime; Innovation and access to technologies for sustainable development: Diagnosing weaknesses and identifying interventions in the transnational arena

Scott Moore, Doctoral Fellow, '13, '14
Market-based responses to water scarcity in China

Ameet Morjaria, Research Fellow, '11
Is Democracy Bad for the Environment in Developing Countries? Micro-evidence from Kenya

Andrew Mude, Research Fellow, '11
Investigating the Impact of Livestock Insurance on Herd Management Behaviour and the Rangeland

Sharmila Murthy, Post-doctoral Fellow, '13
Innovation for sustainable and equitable water management

Michele Mussoni, Empedocle Maffia Fellow, '13

Esther Mwangi, Post-doctoral Fellow, '09
Mitigating the tragedy of a spatially fragmented 'anti-commons': Institutions, livelihoods and the environment under changing property regimes in semi-arid in East Africa

Prateep Nayak, Doctoral Fellow, '10
Sustainability in connectedness: Conceptualizing the human-environment connections in Chilika Lagoon, India

Yusuf Neggers, Doctoral Fellow, '14
The impacts of formal rural land tenure on forests and scheduled tribes in India: Evidence from Madhya Pradesh

Erik Nielsen, Doctoral Fellow, '07
Networked governance: China's changing approach to transboundary environmental management

Janhavi Nilekani, Doctoral Fellow, '14
Evaluating particulate matter control policy options in India

David Kepue ole Nkedianye, Doctoral Fellow, '07
Linking knowledge with action using community facilitators to span boundaries: Lessons from East Africa

Roberto Olivares-Amaya, Doctoral Fellow, '11
Surface enhanced raman scattering sensors for monitoring water pollution

Varad Pande, Research Fellow, '14
Market Mechanisms for Environmental Regulation: What We Have Learnt from India’s Perform-Achieve and Trade (PAT) Programme

Annalidia Pansini, Research Fellow, '13, '14
The role of renewable energy sources towards the establishment of a Euro-Mediterranean technological cooperation partnership: Analysis of the case of Tunisia; The role of the renewable energy sources towards the establishment of a Euro-Mediterranean energy cooperation partnership

Fábio Pereira, Post-doctoral Fellow, '14
Conceptual evaluation of surface hydrology in the Tapajos River Basin and implications of climate and land use change for hydropower operations

Laura Pereira, Post-doctoral Fellow, '13
Innovation for orphan crops: The cassava case

Patricia Pinto da Silva, Research Fellow, '09
Social capital and fisheries co-management: An evaluation of the social foundations for collaborative management in the New England groundfish fishery; Developing a monitoring and evaluation plan for catch shares in the northeast US

Elisa Portale, Doctoral Fellow, '09
Socioeconomic sustainability of biofuel production in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from a Jatropha outgrower model in rural Tanzania

Pietro Rabassi, Empedocle Maffia Fellow, '12

Salla Rantala, Doctoral Fellow, '12
Knowledge and Brokerage in REDD+ Policy Making: A Policy Networks Analysis of the Case of Tanzania

Nicholas Ryan, Research Fellow, '13, '14
Is there an energy-efficiency gap? Measuring returns to efficiency with a field experiment in India

Chiara Salghini, Empedocle Maffia Fellow, '11

Massimiliano Santini, Research Fellow, '08
Southern Italy: A developing country development strategy

Sheetal Sekhri, Research Fellow, '13
Promoting the adoption of water saving technologies: Case of laser levelers

Jan Sendzimir, Research Fellow, 08
Adaptive management of human-environment systems

Hardik Shah, Research Fellow, '13, '14
Applicability of US water quality trading programs in an Indian scenario

Katharine Emans Sims, Doctoral Fellow, '08
Balancing land conservation and economic development

Samuel Stolper, Doctoral Fellow, '13
Pollution externalities and health: A study of India rivers

Anant Sudarshan, Post-doctoral Fellow, '13, '14
A particulate emissions trading scheme for India: Evaluating the impact of information and markets

Anish Sugathan, Post-doctoral Fellow, '14
Institutional design for efficient provision of electricity: Experimental study of electricity consumption under misallocation and theft

Sandip Sukhtankar, Research Fellow, '13
(Monetizing) Power to the People: A Proposal for a Field Trial of an Intervention in Electricity Markets in Rural India

Abigail Swann, Post-doctoral Fellow, '12
Sustainability of the Amazonian hydrologic cycle with the expansion of agriculture and changing climate

Nicole Szlezák, Doctoral Fellow, '08
Global health in the making:China, HIV/AIDS and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Pamela Templer, Research Fellow, '14
Role of winter climate change in biogeochemical cycling, water, and air quality of northeastern U.S. forest ecosystems

Ugo Troiano, Doctoral Fellow, '11
Does gender matter for water provision and the quality of public policies?

Bernhard Truffer, Research Fellow, '11
Sustainable transitions in urban water management

Livio Valenti, Empedocle Maffia Fellow, '13, '14
Creating thermal-stable vaccine: Improving global health with breakthrough innovation

Judson Valentim, Research Fellow, '14
Mobilizing science and technology to equitably enhance agriculture and forestry production, food security and environmental conservation in the Brazilian Amazon

Lorrae van Kerkhoff, Post-doctoral Fellow, '05
The role of knowledge innovative institutions: A case study of The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Juan Carlos Vargas-Moreno, Research Fellow, '06
Participatory landscape planning using portable geospatial information SYSTEMS and technologies: The case of the Osa Region of Costa Rica

Marta Vicarelli, Doctoral Fellow, '10
Exogenous income shocks and consumption smoothing: Strategies among rural households in Mexico

Gloria Visconti, Research Fellow, '08
Implications of a future global biofuels market for economic development and international trade

Matteo Vittuari, Post-doctoral Fellow, '09
Sustainable rural systems: The case of biomass production in Albania

Alessandra Voena, Post-doctoral Fellow, '12
Maternal Health Risk and the Gender Gap in the Demand for Children in Zambia

Yu Wang, Post-doctoral Fellow, '09
Pushing grain for water: The sustainability challenges to Hani highlanders' agro-ecosystem in southwest China

Juergen Weichselgartner, Post-doctoral Fellow, '06
Integrating science and practice for the mitigation of natural disasters: Barriers, bridges, propositions

Xiaoqi Xu, Post-doctoral Fellow, '14
A quantitative evaluation of the policy options to increase residential building energy efficiency in China

Annalisa Zezza, Research Fellow, '13
Sustainability Certification in the Biofuel Sector: A Case Study of Brazilian Ethanol

Chao Zhang, Post-doctoral Fellow, '13, '14
Case study on water-energy nexus in Chins: Water-carbon trade-off for China’s thermal power industry

Yongjiang Zhang, Post-doctoral Fellow, '13, '14
The importance of fog in maintaining tropical rainforests in southwest China: Physiological and hydrological basis for forest conservation and sustainable development