Sustainability Science Program

Angélica Almeyda Zambrano

Angélica Almeyda Zambrano

Period at SSP: Fall 2011 - Spring 2012
Appointment title at SSP: Giorgio Ruffolo Doctoral Fellow in Sustainability Science
Research project title at SSP: Road Infrastructure Development and Deforestation in Southwest Amazonia: A Tri-National Frontier Study
Faculty host at SSP: William Clark and Theodore C. Bestor
Final SSP progress report on file: Progress report
Documents produced drawing on fellowship research: Documents
Most recent institutional appointment on file: Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, Thompson Lab
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Almeyda Zambrano, Angélica M. 2012. The Political Ecology of Land Conversion in the Tri-National Border of Southwest Amazonia. PhD dissertation, Anthropology Department, Stanford University.

Broadbent EN, Almeyda Zambrano AM, Dirzo R, Durham WH, Driscoll L, Gallagher P, Salters R, Schultz J, Colmenares A. 2012. The effect of land use change and ecotourism on biodiversity: a study of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, from 1985-2008. Landscape Ecology 27:731-744.