Sustainability Science Program

Brian Dillon

Brian Dillon

Period at SSP: Fall 2011 - Spring 2013
Appointment title at SSP: Giorgio Ruffolo Post-doctoral Fellow in Sustainability Science
Research project title at SSP: Crop residue management as a farmer decision problem; The link between land tenure security and agricultural investment: Theory and evidence from Zambia
Faculty host at SSP: Michael Kremer and Rohini Pande
Final SSP progress report on file: Progress report
Most recent institutional appointment on file: University of Washington, Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs
Most recent email on file:
Most recent website on file: Website
Most recent CV on file: CV
This entry last updated on: April 20, 2015


Dillon, Brian and Christopher Barrett. 2015. Global Oil Prices and Local Food Prices: Evidence from East Africa. Revise and resubmit, American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Brian Dillon and Christopher Barrett. 2014. Agricultural factor markets in Sub-Saharan Africa: An updated view with formal tests for market failure, Policy Research working paper; no. WPS 7117. Washington, DC: World Bank Group.

Dillon, Brian. 2012. Using mobile phones to collect panel data in developing countries. Journal of International Development 24(4): 518-527.