Sustainability Science Program

Pinar Keskin

Pinar Keskin

Period at SSP: Fall 2009 - Spring 2010
Appointment title at SSP: Giorgio Ruffolo Post-dctoral Fellow in Sustainability Science
Research project title at SSP: The gender of caste: Identify, political reservations and access to water resources in rural India
Faculty host at SSP: Michael Kremer and Rohini Pande
Final SSP progress report on file: Progress report
Documents produced drawing on fellowship research: NA
Most recent institutional appointment on file: Wellesley College, Economics Department
Most recent email on file:
Most recent website on file: Website
Most recent CV on file: CV
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Hornbeck, Richard and Pinar Keskin. 2014. The historically evolving impact of the Ogallala Aquifer: Agricultural adaptation to groundwater and drought. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 6(1): 190–219,

Hornbeck, Richard and Pinar Keskin. 2012. Does agriculture generate local economic spillovers? Short-run and long-run evidence from Ogallala Aquifer, NBER Working Paper #18416.