Sustainability Science Program

Yongjiang Zhang

Yongjiang Zhang

Period at SSP: Fall 2012-Spring 2014
Appointment title at SSP: Giorgio Ruffolo Post-doctoral Fellow in Sustainability Science
Research project title at SSP: The importance of fog in maintaining tropical rainforests in southwest China: Physiological and hydrological basis for forest conservation and sustainable development
Faculty host at SSP: N. Michele Holbrook
Final SSP progress report on file: NA
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Most recent institutional appointment on file: Harvard University, Arnold Arboretum
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This entry last updated on: October 24, 2014



Zhang, Yong-Jiang and N. Michele Holbrook. 2014. The stability of xylem water under tension: a long, slow spin proves illuminating. Plant, Cell and Environment. 8(1), doi: 10.1111/pce.12387.

Zhang, Yong-Jiang, Fulton E. Rockwell, James K. Wheeler, and N. Michele Holbrook. 2014. Reversible deformation of transfusion tracheids in Taxus baccata Is associated with a reversible decrease in leaf hydraulic conductance. Plant Physiology. 165(4): 1557-1565, doi: http:/​/​dx.​doi.​org/​10.​1104/​pp.​114.​243105.

Zhang, Yong-Jiang, N. Michele Holbrook, and Kun-Fang Cao. 2014. Seasonal dynamics in photosynthesis of woody plants at the northern limit of Asian tropics: Potential role of fog in maintaining tropical rainforests and agriculture in Southwest China. Tree Physiology, 00:1-10, doi:10.1093/treephys/tpu083.


Zhang, Yong-Jiang, Qiu-Yun Yang, David W. Lee, Guillermo Goldstein, Kun-Fang Cao.  2013. Extended leaf senescence promotes carbon gain and nutrient resorption: Importance of maintaining winter photosynthesis in subtropical forests. Oecologia. DOI 10.1007/s00442-013-2672-1.