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Annalidia Pansini

Annalidia Pansini

Annalidia PansiniMs. Annalidia Pansini
Sustainability Science Program
Kennedy School of Government
Mailbox 81
Harvard University
79 JFK Street
Cambridge, MA 02138 USA
Office: Non-resident
Group affiliation: Giorgio Ruffolo Research Fellow
Based in Italy

Annalidia Pansiniis a Giorgio Ruffolo Research Fellow in the Sustainability Science Program and a doctoral candidate in Business Management at University of Rome La Sapienza. Her research addresses the short and medium-term measures needed to support the development of clean energy technology markets and to strengthen cooperation in the Mediterranean Region. Annalidia is contributing to collaborative work with the Initiative on Innovation and Access to Technologies for Sustainable Development led by William Clark. She is an adviser for Italy’s Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea (2000- ). She works with Italy’s Minister of Environment on the management of the environmental cooperation programme with the governments of Egypt, Morocco, Libya and Tunisia and the national initiative on carbon management and carbon foot printing activities with private and public sectors. Since 2013 she has coordinated the Italian Ministry's work in the European co-funded Project MEDiterranean DEvelopment of Support schemes for solar Initiatives and Renewable Energies- MED DESIRE. She coordinated the Mediterranean Task Force of Italy’s Ministry for the Environment that is responsible for bilateral and multilateral environmental cooperation initiatives and the management of projects on sustainable development, renewable energy and climate change in the Middle East and North Africa region. She coordinated the Type II Initiative Mediterranean Renewable Energy Programme, launched by the Italian Government at the Johannesburg Summit in 2002, in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme’s Division of Technology, Industry and the Environment. She was a visiting fellow at the World Resources Institute working on the framework of the Institutions and Governance Program (2001). Annalidia holds a Law degree from University of Bari and a Masters in Environmental Governance from University of Tuscia. Her faculty hosts are William Clark and Henry Lee.

The role of the renewable energy sources towards the establishment of a Euro-Mediterranean energy cooperation partnership: Analysis of the case of Tunisia
What factors affect the establishment of a Euro-Mediterranean renewable energy technologies cooperation partnership?

The project focuses on the identification and the analysis of the legal, technical and market factors that affect the establishment of a Euro-Mediterranean clean energy technologies cooperation partnership. Identifying and examining these factors can be useful in understanding the major challenges and overcoming the barriers related to the development of a partnership between the two shores of the Mediterranean Region toward the establishment of a market for renewable energies technologies. In order to have a more in-depth analysis focused on a specific geographical location, she is conducting a case on the development of a solar energy technologies market in Tunisia, particularly for photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies. In Tunisia, the potential of solar energy is high and there are numerous competitive advantages for the development of these technologies, such us available skilled labor and attractive tax packages for foreign companies as well as the possibility for developing a grid interconnection with Italy. The research focuses on a short-term energy planning perspective for the development of local markets for renewables in Southern Mediterranean countries.

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