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Fabio Farinosi

Fabio Farinosi

Fabio FarinosiMr. Fabio Farinosi
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Harvard University
29 Oxford St
Cambridge MA 02138
Office: 128 Pierce Hall
Tel: (1) 617-496-4653
Group affiliation: Giorgio Ruffolo Doctoral Research Fellow in Sustainability Science

Fabio Farinosi is a Giorgio Ruffolo Doctoral Research Fellow in the Sustainability Science Program and based at Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.  He is a doctoral student in the Science and Management of Climate Change Programme at Ca’ Foscari University in Italy. His research assesses the impact of land use and climate change on flood risk in the Brazilian Amazon and the potential for risk mitigation. Fabio is contributing to the collaborative Initiative on Sustainable Development in Amazonia: Land Use and the Hydrologic Cycle led by Professor Paul Moorcroft. He worked as researcher in environmental economics, natural resource management, and disaster risk reduction at the Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei and the Euro-Mediterranean Center for Climate Change. There, he has been involved in several research projects including natural hazard risk and impact analysis, policy assessment and implementation, water management, and analysis of climate change adaptation strategies. He collaborated with the European Environmental Agency as a member of the European Topic Centre on Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation. Prior to this, Fabio completed an internship at the United Nations Environment Programme - Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific in Bangkok, Thailand. During this experience he carried out a study on community driven rural development and community based adaptation to climate change in Thailand. He has also worked in the private sector as an economic consultant. Fabio has a Master’s degree in Environmental Economics and a degree in Business Administration from Ca’ Foscari University. During his studies, he spent a semester at the Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal and was awarded a scholarship for the Globalization Programme at Venice International University. His faculty hosts are John Briscoe and Paul Moorcroft.

Flood risk mitigation in Brazil: The impact of climate and land use change
This research seeks to understand how land use and climate change are impacting flood risk in Brazil and the potential for risk mitigation. The Amazon is increasingly affected by extreme weather events. The economic loss caused by these events is expected to increase. This study aims to understand how climate and land use changes are expected to address the vulnerability and resilience of the area to a changing flood hazard. The study is conducted through the application of geo-referenced instruments and hydrologic models for the construction of flood risk maps under different climate change scenarios. The study assesses possible instruments for flood risk management.

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