Business & Government Courses at Harvard University


Harvard University offers many courses that explore the business-government relationship, at Harvard Kennedy School (as part of the Business, Government, and Policy Concentration as well as other HKS courses), Harvard Law School, and Harvard Business School.

HKS Courses in the Business & Government Concentration

BGP-100: The Business-Government Relationship in the United States

BGP-150Y: Seminar: Business and Government

BGP-201: Industry Structure, Strategy, and Public Policy

BGP-204M: Food Policy and Agribusiness

BGP-230M: Corporate Social Responsibility

BGP-235M: Private Capital for Public Purpose: Impact Investing and Its Siblings

BGP-264: Capital Market Regulation

BGP-300: Inside Government: Making Public Policy

BGP-510Y: HKS-HBS Joint Degree First-Year Seminar


Other HKS Business & Government Courses

API-102 B: Economic Analysis of Public Policy for Business and Government Policy

API-102 I: Economic Analysis of Public Policy for International and Global Affairs

API-105 A: Markets and Market Failure with Cases

API-120: Advanced Macroeconomics for the Open Economy I

API-135: Fundamentals of Environmental Economics and Policy

API-141: Finance

API-148: Advanced Risk Management and Infrastructure Finance

API-166: Electricity Market Design

API-206: Fundamentals of Program and Policy Evaluation

API-302: Analytic Frameworks for Policy

API-905Y: Seminar on Environmental Economics and Policy

DPI-351M: Lobbying: Theory, Practice, and Simulations

DPI-431: Global Europe in the 21st Century: Democracy, Governance, and Policy

DPI-562: Public Problems: Advice, Strategy and Analysis

DPI-563Y: Integrated Law/Policy Research and Writing

IGA-406:  Policy Analysis and Design for Sustainable Development

IGA-410: Energy Policy: Technologies, Systems, and Markets

IGA-515: Bioethics, Law, and the Life Sciences

ITF-110: The Political Economy of Trade

ITF-220: The Economics of International Financial Policy

ITF-270: Financial Crises: Concepts and Evidence

MLD-326: Decision Making and Leadership in the Public Sector

MLD-335Y: IXP Course: UK and the Netherlands; Behavioral Insights

MLD-830 A&B: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Private and Public Sectors

PED-209: Management, Finance, and Regulation of Public Infrastructure in Developing Countries

SUP-651: Transportation Policy and Planning

SUP-951: Doctoral Seminar in the Economics of Health and Medical Care


Harvard Law School

Advanced Topics in Insurance Law

Antitrust Law and Economics - US


Behavioral Economics, Law and Public Policy 

Communications and Internet Law and Policy

Corporate and Capital Markets Law and Policy

Corporate Finance

Economic Analysis of Law

Empirical Law and Economics

Energy and Climate Law and Policy 

Environmental Law

Environmental Law and Policy Clinic

Federal Budget Policy

Food Law

Food Law and Policy

Hedge Fund Law and Regulation

Inside Government: Making Public Policy 

International Finance

Law and Policy of Federal Funding Flows

Legal History: History of American Economic Regulation

Legislation and Regulation

Public Health Law and Policy

Regulation of Financial Institutions

Research Seminar in Law, Economics, and Organizations

Securities Regulation

Supreme Court and Environmental Law 

The Art and Science of Financial Regulation

The Social Science of Financial Regulation

Topics in Financial Regulation: Consumer and Investor Protection


Harvard Business School

Business at the Base of the Pyramid
Creating the Modern Financial System

Creating Value in Business and Government
Entrepreneurship and Global Capitalism
Field Course: Social Innovation Lab

Globalization and Emerging Markets

History of American Democracy

Institutions, Macroeconomics, and the Global Economy
Managing International Trade and Investment

Managing Social Enterprise
Reimaging Capitalism: Business and Big Problems

The Board of Directors and Corporate Governance

The Role of Government in Market Economies


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