Study Group Archive

Esko Aho: Rethinking Government: Not Bigger or Smaller but Smarter (Spring 2013); Reframing Government for the 21st Century (Fall 2013 and Spring 2014)

Richard Balzer: Exploring Leadership and Personal Impact (Fall 2013); Coaching: A Platform for Excellence (Spring 2014)

Tim ChristianThe Global Interface of Medicine, Business, and Government (Spring 2013)

Mark Fagan and John Foote: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (and Bikes): Current Issues in Transportation Policy (Fall 2012)

Justin Fox: Thinking about the Future (Spring 2014)

Eoin GahanThe Changing Landscape of Trade Agreements (Spring 2014)

Mark Kramer:  Creating Shared Value: Concept and Applications ( Fall 2011)

Nick LovegroveThe Call for Tri-Sector Leadership (Spring 2013)

Richard Balzer's study group on Exploring Leadership and Personal Impact with guest Larry Lucchino, President of the Boston Red Sox (offered Fall 2013)