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Research Funding

The Institute encourages faculty and students to conduct high quality, policy-relevant research into issues of importance for Greater Boston. To do so, it provides seed and start-up funding for new projects, helps identify other funding sources for that research, helps scholars connect with local officials and leaders who can help scholars with their projects, and works with scholars to disseminate their findings to practitioners in timely and accessible ways. For more information on research grants, please contact David Luberoff, Executive Director of the Rappaport Institute, at 617-495-1346.

Graduate Fellowships for U.S. Students Interested in Transportation and Transportation-Related Issues

Harvard graduate students who are U.S. citizens and are interested in transportation and transportation-related issues are encouraged to apply for an up-to $10,000 fellowship for the 2011-2012 academic year.

The fellowships are being administered by Harvard’s Taubman Center for State and Local Government and its Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston with funding the New England University Transportation Center (NE-UTC), a consortium funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Applicants must be U.S. citizens and must agree to prepare a thesis, PAE, or an equivalent capstone project on a transportation-related topic. Applicants must also be prepared to show sources of funds they will use to match the NE-UTC scholarship.

Applications are due by Friday, April 29 and should include:

  • A short (less than 750-word) letter that includes include a brief statement of your transportation interests,
  • A copy of your transcript,
  • Your resume (with GRE or GMAT scores if they are available).

Materials can be sent to David Luberoff

  • By e-mail to david_luberoff@harvard.edu,
  • By university mail to David Luberoff, Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston, Kennedy School of Government, or
  • By hand to David Luberoff, Room 354, Taubman Building, Harvard Kennedy School, 15 Eliot Street, Cambridge.

For more information, contact

David Luberoff

Executive Director
Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston
Tel: 617-495-1346

Funding decisions will be made in early May.