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Ksenia Kaladiouk

2014 Public Policy Summer Fellow

May 27, 2014
Ksenia Kaladiouk

Graduate Degree: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Undergraduate Degree: Cornell University
Area of Interest: Immigration Issues
Mentors: Helene Solomon, Solomon McCown and Amy Moran Lowe, GAO
Agency: Office of New Bostonians
Supervisor: An Le, Community and Policy Affairs Advocacy Coordinator
Project Description: This summer Ksenia Kaladiouk will be working on an immigrant entrepreneurship needs assessment in partnership with several City of Boston offices--namely, the Department of Neighborhood Development, the Office of New Bostonians and the Boston Redevelopment Authority. Foreign-born residents make up over a quarter of Boston's population, and this demographic represents a set of key contributors to the city's economic health and development. Over the course of the fellowship, Ksenia will be working on a project to identify who immigrant entrepreneurs are, where they are located within Boston, what kind of businesses they run, and most critically, what sort of factors, policies or programs would further enable this group's success. On the basis of her findings, Ksenia will deliver a report to the sponsoring offices (DND, ONB and BRA) which will outline the state of immigrant entrepreneurship in Boston today and offer suggestions for how the city can optimally meet the needs of its immigrant entrepreneurs going forward.

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