Business Case Conference

Reaching beyond the traditional argument of gender equality, WAPPP is defining a new research agenda based on the economic value of gender diversity.

An efficiency lens opens a new perspective on gender diversity: it is no longer only about constraints but also about (missed) opportunities; not only about rights but also about returns; not only about sameness about also about difference, benefitting from women’s and men’s comparative advantages that make everyone better off.

Making a business case for gender diversity is a complex topic that draws from research across academic disciplines and bridges theory with practice. To launch this initiative, WAPPP hosted an inaugural conference convening key researchers, practitioners, decision and policy makers with expertise on the topic.

Closing the Gender Gap: The Business Case for Organizations, Politics and Society

October 15-16, 2010 | Harvard Kennedy School

What is the economic value of gender diversity in organizations, politics and society? To explore this question, the Women and Public Policy Program of Harvard Kennedy School, in collaboration with the Council of Women World Leaders and our knowledge partner, the World Economic Forum, hosted a two-day conference convening a select group of leaders from the academic, private, governmental, and non-profit sectors to explore the economic value of gender diversity in organizations, politics and society.

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