Conference | Fall 2005

Women and Public Policy Program Research Seminar
Co-Sponsored by the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School


This seminar is supported with a grant from the Harvard University Provost Fund for Interfaculty Collaboration



Format: Presenter - 25 minutes; Discussant - 5 minutes; General Discussion - 15 minutes

8:00am Breakfast and Welcome by Iris Bohnet
8:30–9:15am Rachel Croson and Uri Gneezy
Gender Differences in Preferences: A Review of Economics Experiments [pdf]
Discussant: Nava Ashraf | Chair: Iris Bohnet
9:15–9:30am Break
9:30–10:15am Muriel Niederle and Lise Vesterlund
Gender Differences in Competition and Task Choice [pdf]
Discussant: Linda Babcock | Chair: Iris Bohnet
10:15–10:30am Break
10:30–11:15am Robert Slonim
The Robustness of Trust and Reciprocity across a Heterogeneous Population
Discussant: Stephan Meier | Chair: Hannah Riley Bowles
11:15–11:30am Break
11:30am–12:15pm Iris Bohnet and Richard Zeckhauser
The Elasticity of Trust: Evidence from Kuwait, Oman, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States [pdf]
Discussant: Uri Gneezy | Chair: Hannah Riley Bowles
12:30–1:30pm Lunch
1:30–2:30pm Keynote Address: Mahzarin Banaji
Invisible Gender Bias: Powerful but Ordinary
Chair: Max Bazerman
2:30–2:45pm Break
2:45–3:30pm Linda Babcock, Hannah Riley Bowles and Lei Lai
It Depends Who is Asking: Social Incentives for Sex Differences in the Propensity to Initiate Negotiation [pdf]
Discussant: Fiona Greig | Chair: Rachel Croson
3:30–3:45pm Break
3:45–4:30pm Adam Galinsky
Power, Propensity to Negotiate, and Moving First in Competitive Interactions [pdf]
Discussant: Hannah Riley Bowles | Chair: Rachel Croson
4:30–4:45pm Break
4:45–5:30pm Final discussion
Chair: Iris Bohnet | Commentators: Deborah Kolb and Kathleen McGinn
7:00pm Dinner for speakers and discussants

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Iris Bohnet, presenting at the conference.