Fellows 2013-2014

May Al-Dabbagh

Assistant Professor of Social Research and Public Policy, New York University Abu Dhabi

May’s research focuses on cross-cultural and social/organizational psychology including the psychological effects of globalization and cultural and gender differences in leadership, negotiation, and job-related outcomes.  More >

Victoria Brescoll

Assistant Professor of organizational behavior, Yale School of Management

Tori's research focuses on the impact of stereotypes on individuals' status and power within organizations, particularly for individuals who violate gender stereotypes. Her work documents the different ways that men and women respond to having power and occupying leadership roles. More >

Paola Cecchi-Dimeglio

Joint postdoctoral fellow with the Program on Negotiations, HLS

Paola studies the effects of gender, culture and organizational behavior on international strategic alliances. At WAPPP, she will be exploring the role of gender in the quick services restaurant industry in China, India, Malaysia and Thailand. More >

Joanna Everitt

Professor of Political Science; Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of New Brunswick in Saint John

Joanna specializes in Canadian politics, specifically on the gender differences in public opinion and the media coverage of male and female party leaders and its impact of on leadership evaluations. More >

Stephen Frost

Former Head of Diversity and Inclusion, London Olympics Committee

Stephen was Head of Diversity & Inclusion at the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Ltd. At WAPPP, Stephen’s research will focus on diversity and inclusiveness during the planning of the London Games. More >

Berit Gerritzen

Ph.D. candidate in Economics, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

Berit research focuses on public policy, gender and health economics. At WAPPP, Berit will study the impact of gender roles and female intra-household bargaining power on HIV prevention efforts using panel data from the Malawi Diffusion and Ideational Change Project. More >

Jooa Julia Lee

Ph.D. candidate in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

During her fellowship at WAPPP, Julia's research will focus on how gender plays a role in moral judgment and decision-making, and its implications for organizations. More >

Zoe Marks

Chancellor’s Fellow, University of Edinburgh in the Center of African Studies

An expert on gender, armed conflict, and the internal dynamics of armed groups in Africa, during Zoe's fellowship her research will examine how sexual and gender relations are policed in armed groups.  More >

Maliheh Paryavi

Ph.D. candidate in Public Policy, Political Economy and Government, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University and Harvard Kennedy School

Maliheh’s research focuses the external and internal constraints that hinder gender equality and women’s empowerment in the private, economic and political spheres, and will seek to design interventions that aim to bypass some of these constraints. More >
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