Jane Mansbridge Research Award

This award recognizes an outstanding “A” research paper (PAE, SYPA, etc.) whose analysis of an organization or topic is focused on women or gender.


Faculty advisors are encouraged to nominate those outstanding research papers (PAE, SYPA, etc.) whose analysis of an organization or topic is focused on women and public policy. (Students may request that advisors submit research papers on their behalf focused on women and public policy, but are not permitted to submit the papers directly.)

Nominations are due Friday, May 10, 2013 by 5 pm. Faculty advisors should submit papers to Megan Farwell at megan_farwell@hks.harvard.edu. Please include "Nomination for Jane Mansbridge Research Award" in the subject line of your email. The Jane Mansbridge Research Award will be presented on Class Day 2013.


Past Winners:

2012 - Emily Polak, "Availability, Accessibility and Awareness: Heath Care for the Women of Seattle’s Tent City"

2011 - Alexandra Fielden, “Empowering Women: Empowering PNG (Papua New Guinea) A Critical Analysis of Women’s Participation in Mining Benefit Sharing Agreements and Constituency Development Funds In Papua New Guinea”

2010 - Soomin Seo, "Why Teenage Girls in South Korea Lit the Candles: Analysis of 2008 Protests”

2009 - Shanza Khan, "An Evaluation of the Capacity Building Component of the Punjab Safe Motherhood Initiative"

2008 - Katherine Randell and Tomo Hamakawa, "Measuring the Unmeasurable: Community Reintegration of Former Child Soldiers in Cote D’Ivoire”

Molly Kinder and Emily Stanger, “President Sirleaf’s Mandate: Ensuring Women their ‘Proper Place in Liberia’s Economic Development”

Amelia Showalter, “To Train and Inspire: Increasing Female Political Representation Through Women’s Campaign Training Programs”

2007 - Fiona Greig, "Propensity to Negotiate and Career Advancement in an Investment Bank: Evidence that Women are on a ‘Slow Elevator'"

2006 - Shaun Gonzales, "The Intelligence Process and the Inclusion of Women in Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Stability Operations"

2005 - Bonnie Daley and Jessica Gomez, "After the Ink Fades: Assessing the Key Barriers to Women’s Political Participation in Iraq"

2004 - Sarah Ezzy, "Increasing Young Women’s Political and Civic Participation in Lebanon," and Jennifer Kritz, "Young Single Women at the Ballot Box"

2003 - Surjeet Ahluwalia and Marie Zemler, "Stability in Foster Care: Measuring and Promoting Placements that Lead to Permanent Homes"

2002 - Namju Cho, "Enforcing South Korean’s Ban on Sex Determining Tests Amid a Cultural Preference for Sons: Policy Implementation in the Face of Opposing Social Norms," and Ann Marie Jackson and Melanie Anderton, "Removing the Gag: New Strategies to Repeal the Global Gag Rule. A Human Security Approach to Policy Analysis"

2001 – Therese Leung, "Building Assets for Women: A Guide to Designing Individual Development Accounts for Low-Income Women in Boston"

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