2005 Cultural Bridge Fellows


Joy Adams | SUDAN

Joy Adams worked with Dr. Sidiga Washi, NGO consultant and Dean of the School of Family Sciences at Ahfad University for Women in Omdurman, Sudan. Her policy area of concentration - political and economic development (PED) - led her to conduct research on women's political participation. In Sudan, Joy designed and conducted a women’s leadership program for Ahfad University students called 'Your choices, your voices". In addition, she hosted a women's leadership session with a focus on developing women leaders. Upon her return, she presented her findings, which were based on focus groups and discussions with women in Khartoum.


Jacqueline O'Neill | SUDAN

Jacqueline O’Neill also worked with Dr. Sidiga Washi of Ahfad University. In Sudan, Jacqui researched the role of women in the Sudanese peace process. Her work focused on women peace builders’ interaction with the military, armed rebel groups and international forces. Upon her graduation, Jacqui wanted to integrate her findings into the curriculum at Ahfad University.


Luc Roullet | PALESTINE

Luc Roullet worked with Lucy Nusseibeh, 2005 WAPPP Fellow and Founding Director of Middle East Non-Violence and Democracy (MEND). Luc integrated a microfinance element into MEND's program that complements their main activity of non-violence training. Luc also sought to engage in partnership with other organizations and advocacy at the political level to promote the integration of microfinance in development projects.


Nao Valentino | AFGHANISTAN

Nao Valentino worked with Masuda Sultan, Director of Women for Afghan Women (WAW). Together, they started a new organization, Impact Capital, which provided business opportunities for Afghan businesswomen and entrepreneurs. After conducting preliminary research with Afghan woman entrepreneurs to determine their financial services and business training needs, Nao and Masuda worked with area authorities to structure export agreements and investment opportunities for their clients.

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