2009 Cultural Bridge Fellows

Dany Bahar | India - Center for Microfinance

Dany Bahar worked at the Center for Micro Finance (CMF) in Thanjavur, in southern India. He joined a team of researchers running a randomized trial in villages around the city. The research investigated the effect of offering investment products–such as risk-free saving accounts–to villagers on their demand for loans? Particularly focused on the case of women in developing countries.

Molly Byrne | Washington D.C. -State Department (blog»)

Molly Byrne interned with the State Department’s Bureau for Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) in the Office of Assistance for Africa (AFR) in Washington D.C. Molly assisted the Central Africa Program Officer in improving protection and assistance programs for more than 300,000 refugees and 1.3 million internally displaced persons from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Specifically, Molly focused on sexual violence policy interventions in eastern DRC.

Lauren Murphy | Bangladesh - BRAC Economic Development Program (blog»)

Lauren Murphy interned at BRAC in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She worked on the SoFEA initiative to target adolescent females and involve them in microcrediting at an early age. Lauren conducted research in BRAC’s microfinance programme, assessed literature on the Economic Development programme, and visited the field to assess industry strength.

Adibeli Nduka-Agwu | Afganistan - UNDP (blog»)

Adibeli Nduka-Agwu worked at the United Nations Development Program in Kabul, Afghanistan. She supported the UNDP’s Afghanistan Sub-National Governance Program (ASGP) during the crucial weeks leading up to the presidential elections. Additionally, Adibeli conducted research focusing on whether and how women’s inclusion in decision-making positions was being approached and implemented on the regional, district and local levels in Afghanistan.

Oyebola Olabisi | Liberia - Ministry of Finance (blog»)

Oyebola Olabisi's conducted the first national survey of taxpayers in Liberia. The survey examined taxpayer practices, their understanding of rules and regulations, and their experiences/feedback in their interactions with the Revenue Department. This research is supporting the design of optimal policies for inclusive and sustainable economic growth to maintain peace and stability in the country as it transitions from post-conflict stabilization to sustainable and lasting development.

Nina Rosas | Senegal - UNICEF Economic and Social Policy Unit (blog»)

Nina Rosas collaborated on UNICEF’s Research Facility for Assessing the Child and Gender Impact of Economic Trends Projects. She assisted in the preparation of studies analyzing the impact of economic crises on children’s well-being (e.g., educational attainment, health, nutrition) and reviewed policy responses and their effectiveness in protecting women and children.

Soo Min Seo | South Korea - Civic Engagement of Teenage Girls Using New Media (blog»)

Soomin Seo worked in Cambridge and Seoul, South Korea conducting research on new media, gender and political participation in South Korea. The case focused on a mass movement initiated by predominantly female teenagers in early 2008. The research investigated their use of internet communities, blogs and real-time webcasting in political participation.

Zara Snapp| Argentina - M.E.I. Fundación Mujeres en Igualdad (blog»)

Zara Snapp worked with M.E.I. Fundación Mujeres en Igualdad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The vision of M.E.I is to end discrimination against women by promoting their participation and empowerment in the political, economic, social and cultural spheres. While at M.E.I., Zara studied the intersection and relationship between political participation, reproductive justice and political equity.

Rachel Tulchin | Kenya - State Department's Somalia Affairs Unit at the U.S. Embassy (blog»)

Rachel worked in the State Department's Somalia Affairs Unit at the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi. She focused on Somali women's issues, especially the political and economic empowerment of the Somali women who have sought protection in the refugee camps of Northeastern Kenya.

Kaylene Waindle | India (blog»)

Kaylene worked in Srinagar, Kashmir with Dr. Angana Chatterji and the International People’s Tribunal on Human Rights and Justice in Indian-Administered Kashmir. She supported human rights efforts in Kashmir and to assisted the Tribunal in taking its first steps towards building a gender program focused on specific issues affecting Kashmiri women.



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