Fellowship Support

Investment in our students through internship funding and support is provided by the Adrienne Hall Women's Mentorship Endowment Fund, the Germeshausen Foundation, Joanne Egerman, and the Women’s Leadership Board.
To learn more about how you can support the Women and Public Policy Program, please contact the center's Executive Director, Victoria A. Budson at (617) 495-1981 or victoria_budson@harvard.edu.


Adrienne Hall Fellowship

The Adrienne Hall Women’s Mentorship Fund was established by Loreen Arbus, with additional support from Adrienne’s many friends on the Women and Public Policy Program's Women’s Leadership Board. The Fellowship honors Adrienne’s legacy of mentoring women at HKS and beyond.

Cultural Bridge Fellowship

Beginning in the summer of 2005, the Women and Public Policy Program’s Cultural Bridge Fellowship has afforded more than seventy Harvard graduate students with the opportunity to engage in meaningful work alongside prominent change agents around the world. Through the generosity of the Germeshausen Foundation, as well Barbara Annis and the Doscker Family Foundation, this fellowship has allowed students to couple their academic knowledge with real world experience in the field of their choice.

Each experience is focused on understanding gender inequality and working to close gender gaps across the globe. Organizations and governments host Fellows to work as trainers, policy analysts, speech writers, and researchers. As Cultural Bridge Fellows ‘build bridges’ and expand their networks through these Fellowships, they are also strengthening the capacity of their host organization/country while applying theoretical concepts to real world policy situations.

The impact of the Cultural Bridge Fellowship extends beyond individual experiential learning. Fellows use the connective capabilities of blogs and online travelogues to share their experiences and stories with many others. These online platforms enable cultural lessons to transcend the local context and to erode perceived cultural barriers. Moreover, Fellows are able to use these platforms to create networks among their peers, across Harvard, and around the world.

Deborah Carstens Internship

This opportunity provides funding for students who are from the state of Arizona or the city of San Diego, California and are interested in pursuing a gender-focused summer internship. The internship is aligned with WAPPP's mission to create gender equality and improve the lives of women and men throughout the world. WAPPP awards summer internship funding to students working on projects related to women’s policy or gender policy. The Deborah Carstens Summer Internship is made possible through the generous funding of The Carstens Family Funds at the San Diego Foundation.

Oval Office Internship

This internship provides Oval Office alumni the opportunity to utilize acquired skills in a real-world political setting. Students who complete the year-long training program are eligible to apply for internship funding. Internships provides Oval Office alumnae the opportunity to put their training to work in a real-world political setting. It is just one of the tools to prepare students to run, and win. Past interns have worked with U.S. leaders at the local, state, and national levels across the political spectrum, as well as international figures in elective office. From Harvard Square to the Oval Office is made possible through the generous support of the Barbara Lee Women in U.S. Politics Training Program and Lecture Series Endowment Fund, Joanne Egerman and the Beatrice Koretsky Bleicher Memorial Endowment Fund.

Roy Family Internship

Through the generosity of the Roy Family, the Women and Public Policy Program offers summer internship funding to Harvard Kennedy School students who have completed at least one year of study and will be returning to campus in the fall. The Roy Family Internship Program advances WAPPP’s mission to create a world more balanced in opportunity by supporting students who work with female role models or gender related projects/programs during the summer.

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