Fall 2012 Seminar Series

september 6

Gender Equality
in Elected Office:
Applying the Six
Step Action Plan to
the Egyptian Case

Pippa Norris,
Lecturer in Comparative
Politics, Harvard
Kennedy School
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october 4

A Cost of
High Trust:
Opportunistic (and
Deceit to Female

Laura Kray,
WAPPP Fellow;
Professor, Haas
School of Business,
University of
California, Berkeley
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november 1

Social Perception at the Crossroads: Why Sex (Still) Impacts the Perception and Evaluation of Other Status-Linked Identities
Kerri Johnson,
Assistant Professor,
University of
Los Angeles
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september 13

Fertility: A Theory
of Normative
Rigidity and
Economic Context

Mary Brinton,
Reischauer Institute,
Professor of
Sociology and
Department Chair,
Harvard University
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october 11

Race, Gender, and
the Dynamics of
Social Hierarchy

Robert Livingston,
Assistant Professor
of Management and
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november 15

Empowering Women: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Afghanistan
Fotini Christia, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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september 20

Support Bias and
the Gender Pay
Gap Among

Janice Fanning
Madden, Professor
of Urban Studies,
Regional Science,
Sociology and Real
Estate, University
of Pennsylvania
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october 18

Temporal Distance
& Discrimination:
An Audit Study
in Academia

Modupe Akinola,
Assistant Professor
of Management,
Columbia Business
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november 29

Poverty in Old Age and Social Security: Marriage as a Long-term Planning Device
Petra Persson, WAPPP Fellow
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september 27

Obama and
America's Political

Theda Skocpol,
Victor S. Thomas
Professor of
and Sociology,
Harvard University
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october 25

Righting the
Gender Gap
in China?

Susan Greenhalgh,
Professor of
Harvard University
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december 6

Under Pressure: Gender Differences in Output Quality and Quantity under Competition and Time Constraints
Olga Shurchkov, Assistant Professor of Economics, Wellesley College
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