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Spring 2010 issue no. 4

As we take the temperature of the world in April 2010, it is clear that we have not yet found our way out of the financial crisis. From countries to businesses to local communities, we all continue to feel the ramifications of this crisis around the globe. In particular, women already marginalized in many areas of the world, continue to face obstacles to education, health services, economic and political opportunities.
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Fall 2009 issue no. 3

Women have made progress in recent years--I’m pleased to report that out of the 115 countries included in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report since 2006, which builds on an index developed by Harvard Kennedy School Faculty and WAPPP affiliates, more than two-thirds of the countries have improved their overall index scores. But there are also countries that have lost ground...
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Spring 2009 issue no. 2

This is a crucial time for women across the world. In most countries, women have been hit the hardest by the current economic crisis. This is not the case in the United States, where eight out of ten job losses have been experienced by men. In developed economies, men tend to dominate the cyclical industries most affected by this economic contraction: manufacturing, construction and finance. In developing economies, women...
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Fall 2008 issue no. 1

It is with great pleasure that we present our first newsletter to you. A lot is happening at WAPPP, advancing our knowledge about gender in public policy and leadership and strengthening our impact around the world.
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