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WAPPP seminars, fall 2012

WAPPP Seminar | November 1, 2012

Social Perception at the Crossroads: Why Sex (Still) Impacts the Perception and Evaluation of Other Status-Linked Identities

Kerri Johnson, Assistant Professor, University of California, Los Angeles

Blog: Race in your face

WAPPP Seminar | September 13, 2012

Lowest-Low Fertility: A Theory of Normative Rigidity and Economic Context

Mary Brinton, Professor of Sociology and Department Chair, Harvard University

Blog: What's culture got to do with fertility?

WAPPP Seminar | September 6, 2012

Gender Equality in Elected Office: Applying the Six Step Action Plan to the Egyptian case

Pippa Norris, Lecturer in Comparative Politics, Harvard Kennedy School



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Economic Opportunity
Gender Equality Nudges, Iris Bohnet (9-Sept-10)
Economic Opportunity
Removing Barriers to Economic Inclusion (13-Oct-11)
Closing the Gender Gap
Gender Equality:
The Smart Thing To Do

Closing the Gender Gap
Gender Equality: The Smart
Thing To Do (7m)

Conference March 2011
Driving Change, Shaping Lives
Welcome Back and Technology Panel

Faculty Search Process
The Art and Science of Selecting Outstanding Faculty


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Gender Gaps in the Workplace, by Iris Bohnet
July 2011

FORUM: Liberia From Crisis to Opportunity
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President, Liberia
September 18, 2006

FORUM: A Celebration of Ida B. Wells
April 6, 2006

FORUM: The Innovation Agenda: A Commitment to Competitiveness
Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Leader, United States House of Representatives
December 2, 2005

FORUM: Empowering Women & Children One Tree at a Time
Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Laureate
September 30, 2005

FORUM: Charting the Course for Leadership
The Hon. Anthony Williams, Mayor of District of Columbia
April 8, 2005

FORUM: NATO and European Union: Partners or Competitors
March 11, 2005

FORUM: Women Leaders in Criminal Justice
March 10, 2005

FORUM: Stolen LivesThe Trafficking of Women
March 4, 2005

FORUM: Same Sex Marriage and Equality in America
Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco
February 8, 2005

FORUM: Contemporary Context and Options for Peace
May 6, 2004

FORUM: The Politics of Abortion
March 8, 2004

FORUM: Stopping War: The Pivotal Role of Women
November 5, 2003

FORUM: Granny D: Awakening America's Non-Voting Women
October 2, 2003

FORUM: Advice for Tough Times From Two Who Have Been There
February 6, 2003

FORUM: Challenges in the Face of Terrorism: Women Waging Peace
November 7, 2002

FORUM: Life's Lessons
Mrs. Barbara Bush, former First Lady
September 19, 2002

FORUM: Afghanistan: A Turning Point for America?
The Hon. Catherine Bertini, Executive Director, World Food Program
February 7, 2002

FORUM: Rising to the Occasion: Public Leadership in Challenging Times
February 5, 2002

FORUM: Beyond Ballots: Florida's Agenda at Home and Abroad
February 4, 2002

FORUM: Women Waging Peace
November 14, 2000

FORUM: Transitional Justice in Post-Conflict Societies
November 13, 2001

FORUM: Public Address by: Marian Wright Edelman
Ms. Marion Wright Edelman, founder, Children's Defense Fund
October 8, 1999