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Does Immigration Suppress Wages? It’s Not So Simple - George Borjas
Wall Street Journal
June 1, 2015

Immigration's impact on wages is debated, with critics arguing that immigration impacts U.S. workers in lower skilled jobs.


Big Bets on Proton Therapy Face Uncertain Future - Amitabh Chandra
The Wall Street Journal
May 26, 2015

Proton therapy, offering cancer treatment, awaits results of randomized trials while the therapy remains unproven and may become pricey.


Radcliffe Fellows for 2015-2016 Announced - Devah Pager
Harvard Magazine
May 14, 2015

The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study has named next year's fellows, including professor of sociology and professor of public policy Devah Pager.


As Middle Class Fades, So Does Use of Term on Campaign Trail - William Julius Wilson
The New York Times
May 11, 2015

Presidential candidates struggle to find words to describe a shrinking number of middle class Americans.


Harvard faculty elected to NAS - Bruce Western
Harvard Gazette
May 5, 2015

Bruce Western, professor of sociology and director of the Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy, will be inducted into The National Academy of Sciences (NAS).


The Man Who Foresaw Baltimore - Bruce Western
Politico Magazine
April 30, 2015

In 1967, the Kerner Commission called on Americans to take action against movement toward a society divided on racial lines. 


The labor roots of Baltimore’s anguish - William Julius Wilson
Washington Post
April 29, 2015

Recent protests in Baltimore may be rooted in a labor market that has failed the city's residents in recent decades.


Forcing Black Men Out of Society - Devah Pager and William Julius Wilson
The New York Times
April 25, 2015

The marginalization of black men in American society is underlined by joblessness, low likelihood of being hired, and high imprisonment rates.


America needs to curb immigration flows - George Borjas
The Washington Post
April 9, 2015

High immigration rates are discussed in relation to the contraction of the middle class and the reduction of wages of lower-skilled workers.


College admissions is broken. Here's how to fix it. - Christopher Avery
April 7, 2015

As college admissions rates become more competitive, low income students have difficulty navigating the process.


Bruce Western on Policing, Incarceration, and Justice - Bruce Western
Harvard Kennedy School Insight
March 26, 2015

As incarceration rates increase, the issue of prison, as an unjust solution to problems of poverty, mental illness, and addiction, is raised.


The real reason research blaming black poverty on black culture has fallen out of favor - William Julius Wilson
March 26, 2015

Scholars debate the reason why the focus has shifted from cultural issues to structural issues as reasons for black poverty.


Shoveling a Path Out of Prison - Bruce Western
The Atlantic
March 1, 2015

As inmates perform snow removal in Boston, questions arise pertaining to the available work for recently released inmates in need of a living wage. 


Out of Trouble, but Criminal Records Keep Men Out of Work - Devah Pager
The New York Times
February 28, 2015

Not only is conviction a barrier to employment for men, but high incarceration rates are having an effect on labor markets as a whole.


From prison to poverty - Bruce Western
Harvard Gazette
February 24, 2015

A multiyear study reveals how America's poverty concerns shape the socioeconomic path of those released from prison.


Marriage is no cure for poverty - William Julius Wilson
Al Jazeera
February 14, 2015

When the cause of low marriage rates is examined, lower rates are seemingly tied to marriage pools within certain demographics.


Gun violence is at the root of Michael Brown’s death - Devah Pager
Boston Globe
February 12, 2015

As differing parties debate over the root cause of recent police shootings, evidence shows that prevalent access to guns is a major factor.


William Julius Wilson Named Kluge Chair in American Law and Governance - William Julius Wilson
Library of Congress
February 11, 2015

Wilson, the Lewis P. and Linda L. Geyser University Professor at Harvard University, has been named a scholar-in-residence at the Library of Congress Kluge Center.


The Partisan Paradox of Black Republicans - Leah Wright Rigueur
The Atlantic
February 5, 2015

A sense of alienation pervades amongst black Republicans, whose recent prominence only spotlights their complex position.


Black Men and the Struggle for Work - James M. Quane, William Julius Wilson and Jackelyn Hwang
Education Next
Spring 2015

While sometimes tied to family instability, the challenges black men face regarding employment may have a stronger link to social and economic institutional failures.


Colleges Fill More Seats Early Favoring Richer U.S. Students - Christopher Avery
Bloomberg Businessweek
January 9, 2015

Early admissions allow elite colleges to admit affluent students, reducing spots available to low income students.


The Legacy of Pioneering Senator Edward Brooke - Leah Wright Rigueur
The Boston Herald
January 4, 2015

Former Massachusetts U.S. Sen. Edward W. Brooke III died January 3, 2014 at age 95. Brooke laid the groundwork for a blend of liberalism and conservatism among black politicians. 


Racial Bias, Even When We Have Good Intentions - Bruce Western and Devah Pager
The New York Times
January 3, 2015

Implicit bias exists toward African-Americans, with studies citing handling of employment applications as a shocking example of racism.


For recently archived stories and news prior to 2015, please visit the Wiener Center's News Archive