The Wiener Lectures

This annual lecture series was established and endowed in 1988 through a gift from Malcolm H. Wiener. The Wiener Lectures are held in the John F. Kennedy, Jr. Forum. Past lectures can be viewed as part of the Forum’s digital archives.

In recent years, Wiener Lectures have been presented by:

2010Gordon Brown, Former Prime Minister of Great Britain

2009John Hofmeister, Founder and CEO, Citizens for Affordable Energy

2008James Kynge, former China Bureau Chief for the Financial Times

2007Muhammad Yunus, 2006 Nobel Laureate and Founder, Grameen Bank

2006Pascal Lamy, Director-General, World Trade Organization

2005Peter Peterson, former U.S. Secretary of Commerce and Co-founder, the Blackstone Group

2005Martin Wolfe, Associate Editor and Chief Economics Commentator for the Financial Times

Gordon Brown

Photo credit Tom Fitzsimmons

"These are global problems that can only be dealt with by global coordinated solutions."
Gordon Brown, Wiener Lecture, September 23, 2010.

Muhammad Yunus

Photo credit Martha Stewart

"Poverty is not the fault of the people. It is the fault of the system we all created."
Muhammad Yunus, Wiener Lecture, October 13, 2007.