Office for Student Diversity and Inclusion

Welcome to the Office for Student Diversity and Inclusion (OSDI). Established in July, 2012 the OSDI provides students with support, advocacy, and advice, which serves to promote the development, well-being, and success of every Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) student. Our office supports activities which aim to increase and celebrate diversity concerning, but not limited to, race, gender, religion, ethnic background, age, sexual orientation, disability, or economic status.

The Office for Student Diversity and Inclusion partners with the HKS and the Harvard communities to provide students with the resources, opportunities, and activities that promote and celebrate diversity in all of its forms at HKS.

John F. Kennedy School of Government's Diversity Statement

News and Events

  • An HKS Reception will be held during the National Forum for Black Public Administrators Annual Conference on Monday, April 14. Details to follow.
  • The OSDI will be visiting the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Kuwait this April, and Chile this May. More information to follow.
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Assistant Dean

Alexandra Martinez, Assistant Dean for Student Diversity and Inclusion at HKS

With the intent of helping cultivate a rich and robust learning environment for all students, Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) recently launched its new Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion under the direction of Alexandra Martinez, who was named Assistant Dean for Student Diversity and Inclusion...more

"The Kennedy School is committed to bringing a variety of backgrounds and perspectives to our campus to enrich the educational experience for all of our students," said Dean David T. Ellwood.