Students on HKS Day of Service

International Students

Students from across continents arrive at Harvard Kennedy School committed to solving public problems, creating unique and global-minded community. In recent years, students from some 115 countries and territories have studied at HKS, making it the most international professional school at Harvard. 

International students not only share diverse perspectives in the classroom but also help cultivate a vibrant student experience at HKS.

Student-run clubs and organizations, conferences and caucuses, and publications at HKS focus on a range of global and regional policy challenges, giving students the opportunity to teach and learn from each another in an atmosphere of intense inquiry and open dialogue. The student-run International Night is a popular event that tributes the cultures and traditions represented in the HKS student body.

If you are an international student thinking about applying to Harvard Kennedy School, we encourage you to visit the Harvard International Office (HIO) to learn more about visas, travel inside and outside the United States, U.S. taxes, and life at Harvard. HIO also provides information on local housing options and health insurance for international students and their dependents. The HIO Welcome Guide is another useful resource for international students as they settle into their lives at Harvard, and in the Boston-Cambridge area. 

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