Master in Public Policy

The two-year Master in Public Policy (MPP) program provides future public leaders with the conceptual framework and practical skills necessary to succeed in public service. The MPP core requirements are built upon strong foundations in analysis, management, and leadership. More ‣

Master in Public Administration/International Development

The two-year Master in Public Administration in International Development (MPA/ID) program, the Harvard Kennedy School's newest program, is designed to prepare the next generation of leaders in international development. It is an economics-centered, multi-disciplinary program, combining rigorous training in analytical and quantitative methods with an emphasis on policy and practice. More ‣

Master in Public Administration

The two-year MPA Program trains students to develop skills that are essential for leaders to be effective in solving public problems. Students design their 16-credit curriculum, which is complemented by coursework in economics and quantitative analysis, management and leadership, and political thought and institutions. Many MPAs pursue concurrent degrees with partner institutions. More ‣

Mid-Career Master in Public Administration

The one-year Mid-Career Master in Public Administration (MC/MPA) is an intensive eight credit program. Prospective MC/MPA from developing, newly industrialized, and transitional economy countries must apply through the Mason Program. The MC/MPA is designed to increase the knowledge and skills of well established, high-performing professionals. More ‣

Joint & Concurrent Degrees

Two-year masters degree candidates of the Harvard Kennedy School may choose to pursue a combined degree with a number of professional schools at Harvard University or other approved universities. Joint and concurrent programs allow students to complete two degrees in one fewer year than is normally required. More ‣