Bryan Stevenson MPP/JD 1985

Joint Degrees

Harvard Kennedy School has partnered with Harvard Business School (HBS) and Harvard Law School (HLS) to offer students two distinct joint degree programs. Only MPP and MPA/ID students are eligible to enroll in the HKS/HBS or HKS/HLS programs given the unique nature of the joint degree requirements.

As part of the joint degree program, HKS/HBS students spend their first year at Harvard Kennedy School, their second year at Harvard Business School, and one semester at each institution for their final year.

HKS/HLS students spend a full academic year completing the MPP or MPA/ID core curriculum at Harvard Kennedy School, after which they are in-residence at Harvard Law School for the remainder of their time at Harvard. They cross-register into HKS for the remaining courses they need to complete their HKS degree.

In addition to completing their core coursework, joint degree students must also complete a capstone seminar that includes the Policy Analysis Exercise or Second Year Policy Analysis for HKS/HBS students, or the Integrated Written Project for HKS/HLS students.

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