Ryan Johnson MC/MPA 2012

Mid-Career MPA Curriculum

MC/MPA Requirements

The program consists of the Mid-Career Summer Program and two terms of full-time academic work in residence at HKS. A minimum of 8 credits is required to complete the MC/MPA degree.

In the course of two semesters, students select at least one full-credit course from a range of courses in each of three areas:

  • Economics and Quantitative Analysis
  • Management and Leadership
  • Political Thought and Institutions

The remaining courses required for graduation can be selected from any of the many HKS course offerings.


Mid-Career Summer Program

The Mid-Career Summer Program at HKS is an intensive, five-week course of non-credit study designed to create a foundation of analytical, conceptual, and study skills for the coming academic year. Prospective students should visit the Mid-Career Summer Program for more detailed information.

Bruce Jackson MC/MPA 2013


Lisa Fitzpatrick MC/MPA 2015

Lisa Fitzpatrick MC/MPA 2015, an infectious diseases physician and public health expert, brings healthcare literacy to the streets.

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