Rafael Puyana

Assistant Director for Science, Technology and Innovation
National Planning Department
Bogotá, Colombia

The two years at the MPAID proved to be the most valuable and stimulating of my life. The program placed me in the middle of a unique and brilliant group of colleagues and professors, opening my mind to new challenges, solutions and opportunities in the realm of what became my passion: inclusive economic growth. This new focus led me to concentrate on the issue of the lack of innovation in private sector development in Colombia for my Second Year Policy Analysis (SYPA), an effort through which I connected with leading figures in innovation policy at Harvard, around Cambridge and in Colombia.

In a great showing of what the MPAID builds you up for, my SYPA was received with great interest from the Colombian government and allowed me to transition into a position to lead the Science, Technology and Innovation efforts at the National Planning Department. I now seek to dive into this opportunity with the passion and creativity that the MPAID experience inspired in me.

Before enrolling at HKS, Rafael served for three years in the Macroeconomic Programming and Inflation Department of Colombia’s Central Bank. His SYPA was titled “Structural Transformation Through Innovation: A Policy Proposal for the Fondo de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación in Colombia.”

Rafael Puyana, MPA/ID 2013 (Colombia)

Rafael Puyana, MPA/ID 2013 (Colombia)