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Summer Internships

MPA/ID students spend the summer between their first and second year working on development projects, usually in a developing or transitional economy country other than their own. These internships give MPA/ID students a practical opportunity to put the skills they have learned in their first year of studies to the test, and to broaden their perspectives on development practice. Students use the internship to explore new organizations, substantive areas of interest, or parts of the world. Some students choose to build on their internship experience when they write their Second Year Policy Analysis.

For employers, the MPA/ID internships offer an opportunity to develop relationships with students who are on their way to becoming policy makers and leaders in the field of international development. Whether the employers are multilateral organizations, central banks, government agencies, research institutes, or private corporations, they are working with students who have a valuable and varied set of skills.

MPA/ID students find internships in several ways. They may take advantage of the immense network of alumni and former internship sites around the world, apply for internships through formal programs (such as the World Bank), or directly contact organizations of interest to them.

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Summer Internships

Students in the Forum at HKS

Gonzalo Nuñez Chaim served as the Monitoring & Evaluation Intern at TechnoServe in Tanzania & Kenya in 2013.

Read post by MPA/ID summer intern Diana Zamora on the HKS Admissions Blog:

Douglas Barrios, MPA/ID 2012, talks about his summer internship in Caracas, Venezuela through Harvard Kennedy School's Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management.

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