MPA/ID candidate Lucila Arboleya

Diana Zamora

There is no policy without politics. This is one of the most important things I have learned at and will never forget from the Kennedy School. Yes, the MPA/ID core curriculum focuses on teaching the latest theories in development economics through the use of statistics, micro and macroeconomics. However, for me the highest value of the program comes from the skills it has helped me develop in being challenged to think hard and critically use those theories to design feasible and politically supportable solutions.
That is precisely the order in which the MPA/ID faculty prompt us to approach a problem: use the analytic tools to understand the world, the evidence to picture it, and our leadership skills to implement a set of solutions. This may sound obvious, but in the world of development it is particularly crucial to know that not all technically correct solutions will fit into a complex and diverse setting, and in order to be successful rigor, creativity and political sensibility must all meet. In this sense, the MPA/ID experience has made me more aware of my limitations to fully understand the world, but it has also made me feel better prepared than ever to work towards making it a better place.
Diana was able to attend the MPA/ID Program thanks to the Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship. She previously worked at the Office of the President of Mexico and was Executive Manager of an experimental education program enrolling 45,000 students in rural Mexico.

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