MPA/ID candidate Lucila Arboleya

Maitham Albaharna

My passion for driving effective development reform in my home country, Bahrain, and the Gulf region as a whole was the main reason I joined the MPA/ID Program.
The Program gave me the quantitative and rigorous training in economics that I was looking for. The small yet highly diverse MPA/ID class created a unique learning experience which promoted collaboration, fostered lifelong relationships, and allowed for greater exposure and interaction with the faculty.
Some of my most memorable experiences during the first year were the “speaker series” classes. These sessions were held as part of the Applications and Cases in International Development course. We were privileged to have an exceptional group of speakers tell us about their experiences as development leaders on a weekly basis. Whether it was a president, renowned economist, or the head of an international organization, each provided their own story, lessons learned, advice, and take on current issues.
Looking back at my first year in the Program, I was able to get a global perspective on development from a demanding curriculum, distinguished faculty and speakers, and remarkable group of classmates, all of whom share a common goal of making a positive difference in this world. This constantly reminded me why I joined the MPA/ID Program in the first place.
Maitham worked in management consulting for Booz & Company in the Middle East before enrolling in the MPA/ID Program.

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