Image of MPA student.


In contrast with some of the other degree programs at the Harvard Kennedy School, MPA students are given greater latitude in designing their own field of study and enjoy an unusual amount of flexibility in choosing their own courses.

This absence of a core curriculum also means students have the opportunity to strike out in unique directions, ranging across disciplines and fields of expertise, and to study under virtually any of the faculty at HKS.

Faculty Chair

David C. King, Lecturer in Public Policy at The Harvard Kennedy School, is Faculty Chair of MPA Programs. Professor King also serves as Faculty Chair of Harvard's Program for Newly Elected Members of the U.S. Congress and Harvard's executive program for leaders in State and Local Governments. He lectures on Legislatures, Political Parties, and Interest Groups. Professor King joined the Harvard faculty in 1992.

Professor King's recent work focuses on the U.S. Military: on factors influencing the willingness of minorities to join the military, and on "family readiness" more generally. Professor King played a central role in linking the removal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" with the reinstatement of Navy ROTC at Harvard University. 

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