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Sample PAEs

What's Your Problem? How Can a PAE Relationship Help?

Here are several award-winning and nominated PAEs from the past few years. Several other PAEs can also be found on the websites of the HKS research centers that support PAEs, including the Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston, the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, and the Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation. If you are interested in reading more, contact the Harvard Kennedy School Library, which keeps a hard copy of every PAE written at HKS.

Award-winning PAEs available for download:

21st Century GDP: National Indicators for a New Era
Ben Beachy and Justin Zorn, 2012
Client: Congressman Hansen Clarke (MI-13)

Measuring Positive Youth Justice in DC YouthLink
Elise Brumbach, 2012
Client: District of Columbia Department of Youth Rehabilitiation Services

Rail Station Renovation Studies: Recommendations for the Redevelopment of New York City’s Pennsylvania Station
Andrew Sullivan, 2009
Client: Bryant Park Corporation, New York, NY

Reintegration of Former Child Soldiers in Cote d'Ivoire
Tomo Hamakawa and Katherine Randall, 2008
Client: Save the Children UK, Cote d'Ivoire field office

Smart Growth Opportunities for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Massachusetts
Adam Ruder, 2008
Client: Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

Understanding Muslim Populations: What Leaders Need to Know
Erica Han and Lymari Morales, 2007
Client: Gallup Organization, Washington, DC

Smoothing the Transition to Kindergarten: Toward a Coordinated Statewide Policy
Yumiko Jolly and Sherry Orbach, 2007
Client: Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care

Immigrant Voters in Massachusetts: Implications for Political Parties
Mamie Marcuss, 2007
Client: Massachusetts Democratic Party

Other nominated and award-winning PAEs - available at the HKS Library

  • Paid Family Leave for Massachusetts: Innovative Programs to Protect the Health and Well-being of Families throughout the Commonwealth
    Katharine Lusk, 2012
    Client: Greater Boston Legal Services
  • Right, Duty or Privilege: An Evaluation of the Impact of Government Reintegration Programs for Former Child Soldiers in Colombia
    Katie Naeve, 2012
    Client: Colombian Agency for Reintegration of the Government of Colombia
  • From Caring for Patients to Caring for People: A Strategy for Health Leads' Integration into Medicaid
    Amanda Cassel Kraft and Kit Rodolfa, 2011
    Client: Health Leads (formerly Project HEALTH)
  • Evaluating the Economic Benefits and Future Opportunities of the Maine Island Trail Association
    Jonathan Glassman and Vilas Rao, 2011
    Client: Maine Island Trail Association
  • The Language of CounterTerrorism: When Message Received is not Message Intended
    Jim Armstrong, Candace Chin, and Uri Leventer, 2008
    Client: British Consulate General of New England
  • Ethanol Everywhere: Is a World Ethanol Market in America’s National Interest?
    Shouvik Banerjee, 2007
    Client: U.S. National Commission on Energy Policy, Washington, DC
  • Gauging the Impact of Tobacco Control Programming and Advocacy in Massachusetts
    Ben Branham and Kendall Levan, 2008
    Client: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA
  • Improving Access to Finance in the Philippines: Credit Bureaus and Mandated Lending
    Benjamin Chan, 2008
    Client: International Finance Corporation, Philippines
  • Increasing the Effectiveness Of Financial Sanctions: Lessons from Case Studies
    Liza Ching and Katherine Stewart, 2007
    Client: U.S. Central Intelligence Agency
  • Social Sector Business Ventures: The Critical Factors that Maximize Success
    Steven Cohen, Haviva Kohl, and Allison Van, 2008
    Client: Youth Venture, Arlington, VA
  • Public-Private Partnerships: A Critical Tool in Combating Human Trafficking
    Sareena Dalla and Jenny Lam, 2008
    Client: U.S. Permanent Mission to International Organizations, Vienna, Austria
  • Oxfam America: Tool for Selecting Corporate Partners
    Stéphane de Messières and Heather Franzese, 2007
    Client: Oxfam America, Boston, MA
  • TIME FOR ACTIVITIES: Activity-Based Costing in Somerville Public Schools
    Karn Engelsgjerd, 2007
    Client: Somerville Public Schools, Somerville, MA
  • The First 100 Days: Conceptualizing a Construct for New Governors
    James Freedland, 2007
    Client: Democratic Governors Association, Washington, DC
  • ADR v. Litigation: Tracking and Comparing the Cost Effectiveness of Environmental Dispute Resolution Strategies at the Bureau of Land Management
    Yonatan Gelblum, 2007
    Client: U.S. Bureau of Land Management
  • Hope for Clean Drinking Water
    Peter K. Greer and Kate Bradley MacLeod, 2004
    Client: HOPE International, Lancaster, PA
  • How Can the Central Bank Of Colombia Fight the Dutch Disease?
    Marc Hinterschweiger, 2008
    Client: Central Bank of Colombia
  • Advancing the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)
    Tobias Leipprand and Philip Rusch, 2007
    Client: British Petroleum, London, UK
  • Local Public Finance in Mexico: Improving Matamoros’ Budget
    Ruben Longoria, 2007
    Client: City of Matamoros, Mexico
  • Can We Really Manage? Understanding Supervision and its Importance in Government
    Erin M. O'Driscoll and Andrew J. Whitehouse, 2005
    Client: Partnership for Public Service, Washington, DC
  • Foreign ownership restrictions of U.S. airlines
    Bimal Patel, 2008
    Client: United Airlines, Chicago, IL
  • A Community in Support of Children and Families: Operationalizing Portland, Maine’s Community Partnership for Protecting Children
    Suzanne Patt, 2007
    Client: Office of Child and Family Services, Portland, ME
  • Should the F.D.A. Create an Expedited Approval Process for Generic Biologic Drugs?
    Ben Roberts, 2007
    Client: The National Academies, Washington, DC

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