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Reset Your Focus

To Find Your Next Best Job Opportunity, Focus First

Life changes. So do you.

Before looking for a new job or making a career change, take take time to reassess the skills, talents, and experience you have.

Think of a Venn diagram: three circles that overlap in the middle.

Label one with the job skills you already have, another with the professional areas you find most interesting, and the third with things that matter to you in terms of quality of life and personal responsbilities you must take into account.

Your next best job opportunity will be that point in the middle.

Mary Beaulieu, Director, Office of Career Services at the Harvard Kennedy School

"Taking time to find your focus before deciding on your next career move can help you meet the people and make the connections you need to lead you to your perfect next career opportunity." --Mary Beaulieu, Director, Office of Career Advancement