The Student Internship Fund helps support students working in summer internships.

Summer Internship Fund

Valuable Support for Students Taking the First Steps Toward a Career

The Summer Internship Fund (SIF), founded in 1985, is a student-staff partnership created to provide funding to Harvard Kennedy School students so that they have the opportunity to gain experience in the public or nonprofit sector during the summer. SIF's goals are to:

  • Enable Harvard Kennedy School students to pursue meaningful public service internships that would be otherwise unaffordable.
  • Provide public service organizations constrained by limited resources with the skills and energy of our Harvard Kennedy School students.
  • Provide working proof of our commitment to the value of public service.

SIF funding comes from a variety of sources including an annual fundraising, individual contributions and a generous grant from Dean David Ellwood. See SIF Fundraising to learn about ways you can help support this fund.

Please contact the Summer Internship Coordinator with internship opportunities or questions.