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What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an online network of more than 161 million experienced professionals from over 200 countries. When you join LinkedIn, you create a profile that summarizes your professional accomplishments. Your profile helps you find and be found by former colleagues, clients, partners, and others who share your interests. You can add more connections by inviting trusted contacts to join LinkedIn. Your network consists of your connections, your connections’ connections, and the people they know, linking you to thousands of qualified professionals.

What is a Linkedin Group?

The Harvard Kennedy School LinkedIn Group is an online community of Harvard Kennedy School students, alumni, faculty and staff. Connecting through LinkedIn allows you to reach out not only to people in the Harvard Kennedy School community, but also to request connections to people connected to Harvard Kennedy School affiliates within the group. The network grows exponentially.

How to Join

Go to the Harvard Kennedy School Group Page at LinkedIn.  If you do not already have a LinkedIn account, you will be prompted to set one up.

Please note that when you join, you will go into a "pending status." You will be moved from pending to active within one week. To help expedite this process, please include Harvard Kennedy School (program and year) in the education portion of your LinkedIn profile and/or use your Harvard Kennedy School email when registering. This is to ensure that only members of the Harvard Kennedy School community are admitted to the group.

As of March 2014, the HKS LinkedIn group has over 7,100 members and it is growing daily!

If you have further questions, please contact us.

Online Networking

Connections made through networking sites can lead to great contacts, informational interviews, insider feedback about specific employers and early news about promising opportunities. As a rule, it is important to keep in mind that recruiters and employers are using these sites as well. This is good news for those responsibly posting professional information – and can be hazardous for those who are mixing social and professional information. For those using online sites, be aware of the exposure and the power of Internet searches.

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