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Host a Summer Intern

Bring our Talent to your Organization for the Summer

Each summer, through meaningful public service internships, over 300 Harvard Kennedy School students earn valuable experience, put their skills and training to work, and deepen their knowledge of the fields and industries they will enter post-graduation. Summer internships generally run between eight and twelve weeks, from late May through August. The Office of Career Advancement provides many avenues for employers to offer summer opportunities to HKS students.

For guidance in creating a suitable internship opportunity for our students, please contact our Employer Relations team or consult our HKS Internship Guidelines (link to pdf). When your job description is ready, you may post the opportunity in JACK or email the posting to our office.

Most organizations will pay interns a stipend for the summer. However, if you are a public or nonprofit organization unable to provide a stipend, the School does provide limited funding to support summer internships. Summer funding deadlines can come as early as February and March, and students often need an offer in hand to apply for funding.