The Office of Career Advancement helps prepare and position students to network effectively.

Prepare to Network

Invest in Your Future: Broaden Your Networking Base

Having background information puts you in a position to add value to conversations, make suggestions to friends and classmates, and make informed choices about your schooling and career. Adding value in this way makes you a valuable contact for others within your network.

  • Before you arrive, be sure to take time to identify your interests and the intersections between those interests and the professors whose classes will be available to you.
  • Seek out ideas and articles that relate you your professional area of interest and get to know who wrote them. Even if you never connect with those specific individuals, such research can help prepare you to recognize possible connections and to ask relevant questions when opportunities arise for you to connect.
  • Develop a system for keeping track of your networking contacts. This can be as simple as your regular email address book or as complex as a detailed database. Have a place to keep track of details such as the names of significant others, and personal preferences, any of which can be great conversation starters when you are in a networking situation.

OCA Spotlight: Alumnus Farron Levy MPP 1996

"I find that being open and attentive to cultivating the HKS network has more than a few times lead to professional connections that have taken me in meaningful and exciting directions I wouldn’t have anticipated."