PhD in Public Policy (PPOL)

The PhD in Public Policy prepares qualified candidates to shape the direction of public policy research and to train the next generation of teachers for programs in public policy and the social sciences. It qualifies individuals to perform high-level policy analysis and to lead in the public sector. More More

Image of public policy doctoral student (PPOL)

PhD in Political Economy & Government (PEG)

The PhD in Political Economy and Government is intended for students interested in either academic or policy-making careers that require an advanced knowledge of both economics and political science. It is designed for the small number of students whose needs are not met by studies in economics, political science, or public policy taken alone. More More

Image of political economy & government doctoral student (PEG)

PhD in Health Policy

The PhD in Health Policy is designed for students seeking teaching careers in institutions of higher learning and/or research careers in health policy. It is a collaborative program offered by Harvard Kennedy School, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS), the Harvard School of Public Health, the Harvard Medical School, and the Harvard Business School. More More

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PhD in Social Policy

The PhD programs in Social Policy award either a PhD in Government and Social Policy or a PhD in Sociology and Social Policy. This is a joint PhD program for students who wish to combine the full disciplinary depth of a doctoral degree in political science or sociology with multidisciplinary study of issues of Social Policy. More More

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