Job Market Candidates

For questions regarding our PhD candidates below, please contact the Placement Directors Matthew Baum and Rohini Pande or the Doctoral Programs Director Nicole Tateosian

PhD in Political Economy and Government

Angela Fonseca Galvis

Sabrina Howell    
Fields: Innovation Finance, Entrepreneurship, Energy Finance
Paper: Financing Energy Innovation: Government Grants, Private Equity, and Entrepreneurs
Advisors: Joseph E. Aldy, Josh Lerner, Raj Chetty, David S. Scharfstein

Akos Lada

Fields: International Relations, Political Economy, Game Theory
Paper: The Clash of Brothers: Wars to Avoid Diffusion in a Contagious World
Advisors: James Robinson, Alastair Iain JohnstonBeth Simmons, Stephen Walt, Alberto Alesina, Andrei Shleifer

James Mahon    

Fields: Public Economics, Political Economy
Paper: Do Third-Party Agents Determine the Transmission of Tax Policy? Evidence from Corporate Tax Returns
Advisors: Raj Chetty, David Cutler, Edward Glaeser

Jesse Schreger

Oren Ziv

PhD in Public Policy

Maria Cecilia Acevedo
Fields: Development Economics, Political Economy, Applied Microeconomics
Paper: Forced Displacement in Civil Conflict: Evidence from Columbia's Illegal Drug Production
Advisors: Alberto Abadie, Rohini Pande, James Robinson

Natalie Bau
Fields: Development Economics, Education Economics, Industrial Organization, Applied Theory
Paper: School Competition and Product Differentiation
Advisors: Chris Avery, Roland Fryer, Asim Khwaja, Nathan Nunn

Syon Bhanot
Fields: Behavioral Economics, Public Finance, Microeconomics, Game Theory, Policy Analysis
Paper: Rank and Response: A Field Experiment on Peer Information and Water Use Behavior
Advisors: Richard Zeckhauser (chair), Brigitte Madrian, Michael Norton, Monica Singhal

Gabriel Chan
Fields: Environmental Economics and Policy, Energy Policy, Econometrics and Statistics
Paper: Patent Licensing as a Mechanism for Technological Diffusion at the U.S. National Labs
Advisors: Laura Diaz Anadon, William Clark, Rob Stavins, Joseph E. Aldy

A. Nilesh Fernando
Fields: Development Economics, Labor Economics, Agricultural Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Paper: Shackled to the Soil: Inherited Wealth and Labor Misallocation in Rural India
Advisors: Asim Khwaja (chair), Shawn Cole, Richard Hornbeck, Lawrence Katz

Dan Honig
Fields: Comparative/International Political Economy, Organizational Behavior, International Development
Paper: Navigation by Judgment: Organizational Autonomy and Country Context in Delivering Foreign Aid
Advisors: Matt Andrews, Peter Hall, Ryan Sheely, Beth Simmons

Mahnaz Islam

Richard Sweeney
Fields: Environmental Economics, Industrial Organization, Energy Policy
Paper: TBA
Advisors: Rob Stavins (chair), Joseph E. Aldy, Erich Muehlegger, Ariel Pakes

Elizabeth Walker
Fields: Environmental Economics, Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Paper: TBA
Advisors: Rema Hanna (chair), Kelsey Jack, Rohini Pande, Rob Stavins