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Current Students

Our PhD in Political Economy and Government students are registered at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and delve into a broad range of research areas during their time at Harvard.

Recent dissertations have examined the rising role of primary elections in Latin American politics, the role of ethnicity and institutions in the political economy of African development, and the microfoundations of economic growth. Our current Political Economy and Government doctoral students and their areas of interest are listed below.

Pamela Ban
American politics and political economy, with a focus on electoral politics and legislative behavior.

Augustin Bergeron
Political economy of development, economics of inequality, economic history, and public economics.

Laura Blattner
Applied macroeconomics, international economics, and corporate finance.

John Coglianese
Macroeconomics of labor markets, public economies, behavioral economics, and the economics of national security.

Kevin Connolly
Applied microeconomics, labor economics and public economics.

Elizabeth Davis
Comparative local political economy, civil society, development economics, and public economics.

Yehoshua Ehrenberg
Emergence and development of markets, primarily for financial products and the legal, regulatory, cultural, and political environment that enables them to thrive.

Juan Sebastián Galán
Political economy of development, formal political theory, development economics, and economic history.

Andrew Garin
Public economics, labor economics, urban economics; focus on effects of national- and local-level public policies and infrastructure investments on firm location decisions, local labor markets, and productivity growth.  Implications for policy design, governance, and prospects for institutional reform.

Siddharth George
Bureaucrats; political dynasties; partition; voter information and coordination.

Soeren Henn
Political economy of development with a focus on state capacity and conflict; public economics and labor economics with a focus on taxation and inequality.  

Marek Hlavac
Labor economics, political economy of redistribution, and applied issues in international and comparative political economy.

Guilherme Lichand
Political economy: corruption, public management, and representation; development economics: entrepreneurship and financial solutions for the poor.

Sara Lowes
Development economics, political economy, and behavioral economics.

Maliheh Paryavi
Behavioral and experimental economics, political economy of development, culture, and religion.

Andrea Passalacqua
Political economics, culture and economics, and finance.

Casey Petroff
Economic and financial history, political economy, development economics, and commodity markets.

Edoardo Teso
Political economy of development, political economy of mass media, and the impact of culture on economic outcomes.

Jon Weigel
Comparative political economy of development, especially the long-run effects of coercive political institutions on growth; fragile states and epidemic disease; and foreign aid effectiveness.

Brian Wheaton
Political economy, labor economics, and behavioral economics.

Saul X. Yang
Microeconomic theory, organizational economics, economic history, comparative politics.

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