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Current Students

PhD in Public Policy doctoral students delve into a broad range of research areas during their time at Harvard. Our current Public Policy doctoral candidates and their areas of interest are listed below.

Martin Abel
Applied microeconomics with a focus on development economics, labor economics, and behavioral economics. Martin is particularly interested in productivity and matching in labor markets of developing countries.

Yazan Al-Karablieh
Public economics, development economics, and political economy.

Samura Atallah
Behavioral economics, development economics, labor economics, and applied econometrics. Samura’s current research projects focus on the effects of non-cognitive skills on labor market outcomes, and the effect of scarcity on behavior and cognition.

Andrew Bacher-Hicks
Economics of education, labor economics, and applied econometrics.

Megan Bailey
Environmental economics, particularly the evaluation of policy options for climate change.

Jonathan Baker
Environmental and resource economics, and water allocation policy. Jonathan is particularly interested in economic incentive structures for allocating scarce water supplies.

Patrick Behrer
Environmental and resource economics, and development economics. Patrick is specifically interested in the integration of payments for ecosystem services into development and conservation policy.

Sebastian Bustos
Economics of entrepreneurship and private sector development. Sebastian is particularly interested in the political economy and decision making process of providing public goods.

Rohit Chandra
The history, evolution and dynamics of energy markets in South Asia, particularly in India. Rohit is focusing on coal, electricity, and natural gas markets and their supply chains, governance, and distortions. More broadly, he is interested in natural resource economics in developing countries and the economic effects of resource extraction on local communities.

Juan Pablo Chauvin
Local and regional economic development, international development, and behavioral economics. Juan Pablo is interested in the determinants of city and regional economic growth and inequality, the role of productive structure in subnational development, the micro-foundations of local investment decisions, and local and regional development policies.

Cuicui Chen
Industrial organization, game theory, and environmental economics.  Current projects include learning in repeated games, testing of dynamic equilibrium assumptions, firms' strategic learning behavior, and diffusion of innovations in the fashion industry.

Stephen Coussens
Public economics, health economics, household finance, and predictive modeling. He is particularly interested in the application of insights from behavioral economics to each of these areas.

Elijah de la Campa
Applied microeconomics with a particular interest in labor economics, the economics of education, and education policy.

Charles Dorison
Judgment and decision making with a particular focus on emotional decision making and applications to public policy.

Holly Dykstra
Public economics, political economy, and behavioral economics.

Peter Dyrud
International relations with a regional interest in East Asia. His research focuses on the causal influence of national factors, to include economic measures, forms of government, and freedom indices on the spread of ideologies.

Raissa Fabregas Robles Gil
Applied microeconomics with a focus on development economics, labor economics, and political economy. Raissa is interested in the role of social capital on economic outcomes, inefficiencies in public service delivery, and individual investment choices under uncertainty and risk.

Nathan Fleming
Environmental and natural resource economics, institutional economics, and comparative development.

Madeleine Gelblum
Labor economics and the economics of education with a focus on the returns to higher education and the demand for skills in the labor market.

Todd Gerarden
Energy and environmental economics and policy, public economics, and industrial organization.

Jason Goldrosen
Applied microeconomics with a focus on labor economics.

Guthrie Gray-Lobe
Labor economics, public economics, and political economy.

Tara Grillos
Participatory processes and sustainable development; collective action, public goods provision, and community resource management; participatory governance structures in developing nations; and institutional and psychological dimensions of human decision making.

Marie-Pascale Grimon
Research methods, development economics, behavioral economics, and political economy.

Sarika Gupta
Political economy and development economics. Sarika is interested in public service delivery, corruption, and rights awareness in emerging democracies, particularly India. She is also interested in political participation and socioeconomic behavior of resource-scarce households.

Nils Hägerdal
International security, ethnic conflict, and politics of the Middle East.

Isabel Harbaugh
Political economy, development economics, and higher education with a particular interest in education financing and vocational degrees.

Tomoko Harigaya
Development economics and behavioral economics with a focus on household finance and health behaviors.

Alicia Harley
Innovation studies and agriculture development with particular interest in the impact of agriculture innovation on inequality and the governance of innovation. Regional focus in South Asia and Middle East. 

Blake Heller
Applied microeconomics with a focus on economics of education, labor economics, and economics of aging.

Abraham Holland
Development, behavioral, and labor economics. Abraham’s current research interests include the effect of non-cognitive traits on labor market outcomes.

Stuart Iler
Environmental and energy economics and policy, public economics, and applied econometrics.

Ariella Kahn-Lang
Labor economics and health economics with an interest in immigration policy and education policy.

Jennifer Kao
Public economics, labor economics, and health economics with a focus on the economics of science and innovation.

Elizabeth Linos
Public sector reform with a focus on motivating and retaining top human capital in the public sector, and public goods provision and community-level diversity. Elizabeth’s primary fields are political economy and labor economics.

Heidi Liu
Judgment and decision making, particularly related to gender, experimental, and behavioral economics and its applications to law and negotiation, and labor economics.

Stephanie Majerowicz
Development economics, labor economics, and political economy with a focus on natural resources and private sector development.

Sharan Mamidipudi
Development economics, particularly on social security schemes in developing countries, in India specifically.

Kunal Mangal
Labor economics, development economics, and research methods.

Aroop Mukharji
International relations and security; war studies; U.S. foreign policy; conceptions of power; Cold War politics; and post-WWII settlement.

Christine Mulhern
Economics of education and labor economics with a focus on higher education policy.

Sara Nadel
International development with a focus on evaluation techniques and political economy models.

Yusuf Neggers
Political economy and development economics.

Janhavi Nilekani
Environmental economics and development economics with a focus on air pollution control policies in India.

Oyebola Okunogbe
Development economics topics in public finance, education, and political economy.

Felix Owusu
Applied microeconomics with a focus on social policy, particularly criminal justice and labor economics.

Laura Quinby
Public sector labor markets, particularly at the state and local levels. Laura’s research interests focus on total compensation; the impact of public sector collective bargaining on wages, benefits, and the size of the workforce; and the political economy of state and local pension and retiree health insurance plans.

Kevin Rowe
Environmental and energy economics; development economics; and political economy.

Rebecca Sachs
Labor economics and health economics. Interested in how government institutions impact inequality with a focus on social insurance programs and healthcare markets.

Trisha Shrum
Climate change and energy through the lenses of environmental and behavioral economics. Trisha's current research interests include the exploration of a potential bias in the perception of eco-product quality, and the implications of such an eco-product bias for the energy efficiency gap.

Niharika Singh
Labor and development economics.

Samuel Stolper
Environmental and energy economics and policy, especially relating to climate policy, energy markets, and air and water quality. Sam's job market research is an analysis of the price impacts of energy taxation. He is also working jointly with co-authors on a study of water pollution, policy, and health in India. 

Yeling Tan
International political economy and global governance. Yeling is particularly interested in the politics of adjustment in China's economic liberalization, and the impact of the rise of China on global economic governance.

Gabriel Tourek
Development economics, labor economics, behavioral economics, and applied econometrics.

Daniel Velez-Lopez
Environmental economics, natural resource economics, and development economics.

Lisa Xu
Private sector development in sub-Saharan Africa and other developing regions, industrial policy, and export diversification.

Joshua Yardley
Development economics and the economics of education, particularly the provision and measurement of quality education in rural settings.

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Jooa Julia Lee MPP 2010 and PPOL PhD 2015 is using behavioral science to examine organizational behavior. (Photo credit: Jooa Julia Lee)

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