Course Schedule Change Updates

Check here regularly for updates to the HKS course schedule.

Course Faculty Move
IGA-385 Johnson, Doug; Sikkink, Kathryn To RG-20 from Starr

Previous Changes:

Course Faculty Move
API-121 Campante, Filipe To L130 from L140
API-202D Hanna, Rema To L230 from L130
API-202D Review Hanna, Rema To L130 from L140
API-206 Matuszeski, Janina To Starr from L382
BGP-230M Lydenberg, Steven; Ruggie, John; Nelson, Jane To L130 from Land
BGP-235M Wood, David To BL-1 from Land
DPI-205 Ignatieff, Michael To Land From RG-20
IGA-220 Hehir, J. Bryan To L130 from Starr
IGA-360 Ignatieff, Michael To Land From RG-20
IGA-414 Monaldi, Francisco To L130 from L382
IGA-520 Juma, Calestous To L130 from L382
ITF-220 Frankel, Jeffrey To L382 from L130
MLD-410 Chodos, Shelby To L140 from L130
MLD-602 Behn, Bob To L130 from L332
MLD-602 Behn, Robert To Starr from L130
MLD-805 Bildner, James; Letts, Chris To L140 from L130
MLD-829MB Byers, Carl To Land from BL-1

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