Course Schedule Change Updates

Course Faculty Day/Time Move
DPI-101G Patterson, Thomas T/Th @ 10:10-11:30 to L230 from L140
IGA-220 Hehir, Bryan T/Th @ 2:40-4:00 to RG-20 from L230
IGA-360 Ignatieff, Michael M/W @ 10:10-11:30 to Land from L280
ITF-270 Reinhart, Carmen T/Th @ 2:40-4:00 to L230 from RG-20
PED-102 Khwaja, Asim; Pande, Rohini; Pritchett, Lant T/Th @ 10:10-11:30 to L140 from L230
PED-315M Klugman, Jeni M/W @ 1:10-2:30 to RG-20 from L332

Previous Updates:

Course Faculty Day/Time Move
API-112 Koehlberg, Elon M/W @ 8:40-10:00 to Land from RG-20
API-202Z Chandra, Amitabh M/W @ 10:10-11:30 to L130 from Starr
BGP-201 Scherer, FM T/Th @ 1:10-2:30 to Land from L382
DPI-205 Ignatieff, Michael M/W @ 10:10-11:30 to Starr from Land
DPI-434 Karolewski, Ireneusz Pawel M/W @ 1:10-2:30 to L382 from L230
IGA-360 Ignatieff, Michael M/W @ 1:10-2:30 to L280 from RG-20
MLD-602 Behn, Bob M/W @ 1:10-2:30 to L230 from L280
MLD-620M Goldsmith, Steve M/W @ 11:40-1:00 To Land from L130

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