Course Schedule Change Updates

Please note the following changes:

Course Faculty Move
API-201C Haas-Wilson, Deborah Moves to Land from L230
API-201Z Sen, Maya Moves to Starr from Land
ITF-110 Lawrence, Robert Moves to L230 from Starr


Previous changes:

Course Faculty Move
API-304 Madrian, Brigitte Moves to L230 from L280
DPI-201C Kamm, Frances Moves to Starr from L130
DPI-452 Westad, Arne Moves to L280 from L332
IGA-112 Hehir, J. Bryan Moves to L280 from L230
IGA-305 Bhabha, Jacqueline Moves to L130 from L382
MLD-801 Laidler-Kylander, Nathalie Moves to L130 from Starr
PED-309 Hausmann, Ricardo Moves to 1B401 from L130
SUP-211 Wilson, Julie Moves to L332 from L280
SUP-651 Gomez-Ibanez, Jose Moves to L280 from L230
SUP-665 Marchant, Edward Moves to L230 from L280

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