BGP-254: Global Strategic Management

Semester: Not Offered

Credit: 1.0

Faculty: Jordan Siegel


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Do you aspire to be a leader in an international organization or to occupy a policy role in which you seek to attract or otherwise regulate foreign direct investment? This course is unique not only in providing tools and frameworks for understanding what leads global multinationals to make different strategic investment decisions. This class is also useful for those who may in the future take on regulatory and/or development promotion roles in which one has to deal with global multinational firms. The idea is that in order to attract foreign direct investment or to regulate foreign direct investment, one needs to understand what makes multinationals tick. The course is organized around Prof. Siegel's Top Ten Strategies of Global Multinationals. These strategies range widely, including everything from product strategy recombination to borrowing/renting foreign institutions to arbitraging labor market differences. At the end of the semester, we apply the lessons of the course towards a real problem of a global multinational company in a kind of project laboratory. Overall, this course is unique in its focus on global strategy formulation and execution while at the same time incorporating a large amount of institutional analysis. The idea is that institutional analysis leads to strategy formulation, which in turn leads to the successful execution of strategy by the leader of the global multinational organization.

This is a 28 session course and meets on the HBS schedule. Please see the HBS calendar for more details. BGP-254 does not count towards the cap of HBS classes that Kennedy School students can take as cross-registrants. Also offered by Harvard Business School as HBS 1534, but not offered 2013-2014.