IGA-118: Power and Its Alternatives in International Relations

Semester: Not Offered

Credit: 1.0


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Power determines much in international politics, but it does not determine all outcomes. Leadership, economics, domestic politics, and the nature of the international game all influence the actual course of international relations. Economic determinants are consistent with absolute goals while power determinants predicate relative goals. In the past a rising challenger usually fought with an established leading power. World War I and World War II were such cases. The rise of China raises the question again: can China be accommodated within the structure of power, or will its goals repeat the traditional outcome? Participants will be asked to devise answers to these questions, which will in turn require some assessment of how World War I might have been avoided and how World War II might have been averted. There will be a final paper offering conclusions as to how power and economic goals might be combined to produce an enduring détente in the future.

Not offered in 2013-14.