IGA-384: Tools and Tactics for Human Rights Practice

Semester: Not Offered

Credit: 1.0

Faculty: Douglas Johnson


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The course will present policies and practices in the international field of human rights leading to the improvement in people's lives, with a special focus on its application in post-conflict and post-totalitarian societies and with marginalized groups. This course will be taught by two human rights practitioners and will address recent political developments in the global application of human rights and expose students to strategic skills - or "levers of effectiveness" - used to promote the realization of human rights standards. The course will also present the work of key international and local non-governmental organizations in promoting the capacities of rights holder to claim and enjoy their rights and in persuading duty bearers to fulfil their human rights obligations. The course will be infused with case study examples from all regions, including Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. Students will acquire a basic knowledge of the international human rights framework; the roles played by different international governmental, governmental and nongovernmental organizations in supporting and implementing programs promoting the realization of human rights; and tools and strategies for enhancing the fulfillment of rights. Students will engage in critical reflection and active discussion in relation to the content of the course. IGA-304, "Human Rights and International Politics," and IGA-384 are considered sequential and complimentary courses. Students who have not taken IGA-304 or an equivalent human rights theory course should contact the instructor. Related field experience may qualify a student to enroll.

Not offered in 2015-16.




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